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We get asked a lot about collagen protein and of course, there are many questions. What do I get? Where do I get it from?

We pick a source from Sweden and we do that for a reason. Beef protein (or paleo protein, as we call it) sourced from Sweden, comes from cows that are not filled with hormones, and are not fed substances with poor ingredients that make them grow faster.

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That’s why Pure Paleo is our source of beef collagen protein.

Beef collagen protein is awesome in the fact that it has a complete amino acid score. This means that it has all of the essential and non-essential amino acids that improve your ability to recover.

Your body’s building blocks are amino acids, so tissue recovery and muscle recovery are dependent upon the amino acid score. Also, Pure Paleo protein has the collagen peptides glycine, alanine, and proline in it.

These collagen peptides are part of the bone matrix. Your body has to have certain peptides in order to make good bone.

PurePaleo protein also has an adequate amount of vitamins and minerals in it, which makes it a complete amino acid score with vitamins and minerals added.

Better bones, better muscles, better skin. That’s what collagen can do for you and that’s why this is a great choice for collagen protein. And it tastes great.

Order PurePaleo Protein Powder