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Our cornerstone nutritional program is called the anti-inflammatory protocol. We do this because it creates a situation in the body called nutritional ketosis where the body can breakdown fat.

That’s right… you use your own fat as fuel. Your fat tissue goes down and your body composition normalizes, which makes you feel awesome. We don’t focus on weight loss, we focus on fat loss.

Kingdom Fuel - Drs. Mark & Michele Sherwood

Within the anti-inflammatory protocol, we actually use a nanomolecular (or homeopathic formula) to help out the process. That homeopathic formula is called SHAPE ReClaimed™.

These anti-inflammatory drops mimic the action of HCG. Now, they’re homeopathic so they’re not a drug. They’re never going to have negative side effects. They’re homeopathic.

As it mimics the action of HCG, it accelerates fat loss, giving your body access to yellow fat which is where all the toxins live. It aides the acceleration of getting rid of yellow fat and toxic waste.

It also has nutrients in it that are appetite suppressants. When you’re changing from the standard American diet to an anti-inflammatory lifestyle (or to a lifestyle that’s low glycemic), often times there’s horrible cravings.

These drops help turn down that appetite while you’re shifting engines of metabolism. Also, there are nutrients in there that support the energy cycle. That’s right, these drops give the mitochondria the nutrients that they need to make more energy.

Now… these anti-inflammatory drops have a little bit of a discoloration to them. If you hold them up to the light you’re gonna see that they’re a little bit discolored. They look kinda dirty.

It’s not dirt, it’s activated charcoal. That activated charcoal is pulling things out of your lymphatic system, so you can eliminate them through your bowels.

Patient after patient will swear by these nutrient drops. They’ll say that their inflammation is better, joint pain is better, fibromyalgia is better, digestion is better, and even that they’re getting off reflux medication. Plus their body composition normalizes, and they feel great.

It’s important to understand that because this is a cornerstone program within our practice, you can’t just come in and buy these drops, even though some people think they’re magic.

They do sort of act in a magical way, but they fit right in with this particular nutritional protocol that we’ll actually work with you on.

We have to followup on these things very tightly and have to access where you are through frequent blood work and or urine samples.

These drops are incredibly beneficial. You will get results towards all those effects Dr. Michele talked about and these are really amazing when you talk about all the benefits. We love ’em.

Anti-inflammatory, access to yellow fat, improved body composition, decrease in appetite, and increase in energy. You can’t go wrong.

Order SHAPE ReClaimed™ Drops