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Genetic Testing

Create a LIFELONG health plan unique to you

Drs. Mark & Michele Sherwood

Why You Need
This DNA Test

Genetic testing is the only way to create a health plan unique to you.

Our genetic test analyzes 50+ actionable genes. We look at various areas, including predispositions to heart disease, Alzheimer’s, weight loss resistance, and injury tendencies.

Have you ever wondered why losing weight is easier for some than others?

Some people produce more inflammation than others. Wouldn’t you like to know how to turn that into an advantage?

Why can one person smoke three packs of cigarettes a day for their entire life without consequences, while another develops cancer after smoking for just three years?

All of these questions are answered with genetics.

Your genes can even guide your supplement intake and optimize your fitness plan to prevent injury.

Your genes speak to your present and set the tone for your future. Getting your genetics analyzed is a good move in the right direction.

Our DNA test is a one-time test with lasting benefits.

Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

  • Can I get in better shape by exercising less?
  • Can I gain weight while on a low-calorie diet?
  • Can the same supplement affect me differently than another person?
  • Can my current workout make me fat?
  • Can I eat more and STILL lose weight?

The simple answer is “yes.” With DNA testing, we analyze your genes to get a clear and accurate reading of your DNA, which in turn helps to answer all of these questions as they pertain to you, and only you. We then break it down to tell you what to DO, EAT, and TAKE so you get the results you want from your efforts.