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DNA Testing for Fitness & Nutrition

Discover how genetics can help you reach your fitness and nutrition goals.

Our proprietary full-sequence DNA test provides you with key metabolic information about yourself in a way that is easy to understand. Let us unlock your DNA in order to help you lose weight and reach your optimal health.

Why get your DNA tested?

  1. The results last a lifetime.
  2. We eliminate the guesswork regarding which foods you should eat.
  3. We save you time on your workouts by helping to determine the exercises that really work for you.
  4. We help you save money by purchasing only those supplements which work with your genotype.
  5. We help seamlessly incorporate the results of your DNA test into your daily routine.
  6. We help you rid your mind of the guilt of failure, fear of the unknown, and frustration of not seeing your hard work pay off.

Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

  • Can I get in better shape by exercising less?
  • Can I gain weight while on a low-calorie diet?
  • Can the same supplement affect me differently than another person?
  • Can my current workout make me fat?
  • Can I eat more and STILL lose weight?

The simple answer is “yes.” With DNA testing, we analyze your genes to get a clear and accurate reading of your DNA, which in turn helps to answer all of these questions as they pertain to you, and only you. We then break it down to tell you what to DO, EAT, and TAKE so you get the results you want from your efforts.

The results I got were very exciting! I lost body fat and gained muscle in the 8 weeks. Both the food and exercise became much easier and more efficient in knowing what my body requires.

What I didn’t expect, was a total disappearance of stomach issues I had dealt with every day of my life! Obviously, this is a way of eating that is optimal for me. I also was diagnosed 20 years ago with a very high resting heart rate but was never told anything to do about it! I just know it is extremely high for as much as I exercise. After the first 8 weeks with these results, my resting heart rate has gone down almost 30 points. So, I am a believer for sure! This has changed so many areas of my life!

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