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The Enemy of Healing

When you consider humanity’s ever-increasing struggle— and stated desire—for wellness, is there any doubt that we’re in a battle? Shouldn’t we be further along? Just look at the upward trend in the use of pharmaceutical medications. We are not against pharmaceutical...

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Living Alive

Bob had always done life a certain way. He was fairly active, but has always been overweight—and his cholesterol has always been out of control, despite a “healthy” dose of medications. Bottom line: he didn’t feel alive. When he finally came to see us, he was ready...

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We might not be in the Garden anymore, but the Gardener is still with us. When we consider the creator of the universe—the creator of you—we must not look to modern society, the state of our health, rampant disasters, sickness, disease, and suffering. Watch the...

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Back to the Garden

What does “paradise,” or “heaven on earth” mean to you? What good hopes and dreams do you have for your life? We always ask new patients, “What are three areas about your life—or health—that you hate?” and “What are three areas you want to improve?” If we can...

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You Were Made for Health

We all believe something. Whether it’s faith in God, in people, or in science, our beliefs shape our choices and our lifestyle. When it comes to your health, what do you believe? We ask because what you believe is the foundation of your life. Our foundation is the...

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