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Cholesterol and lipids are very confusing subjects. There’s no question about it. When LDL elevates, it can become dangerous. Not all the time but it can become dangerous.

There’s one nutrient in the B-Vitamin family that can be beneficial to helping normalize abnormal lipids. And that is called Niacin.

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Niacin CRT is slow extended-release niacin. Meaning that it releases very slowly. And it will avoid giving you a niacin flush. It comes in 500 and 750 milligrams.

Niacin is an important nutrient in all of the energy processes in the mitochondria. But it also is very important in managing cholesterol. It works better than any medication we have on the market.

It lowers LDL and raises HDL. It can even decrease Lp , which is a component that makes blood sticky. This is a genetically inherited component and can be really hard to manage. But niacin can help get it under control.

Niacin can also lower triglycerides. And triglycerides can be deadly. They can actually cause sudden cardiac death if they get too high. So niacin has many important properties in managing blood lipids.

It’s also very important in the energy cycle, mood regulation, and in making neurotransmitters. So for mood imbalance, cardiac health, and energy production, niacin is a really important nutrient.

Please understand that in order for niacin to have a positive effect on the lipids, it must be dosed at a high amount.

With a high amount, many times it can cause a flush. Where your skin can turn red and hot and become a little itchy for about 5 minutes. That’s nothing to worry about, it’s very normal and very expected.

It’s not an allergic reaction. It’s just your red blood cells sort of showing up at the surface. Niacin is a great nutrient. Everybody should have Niacin if they have a dis-balance or imbalance in their lipid system.

Note that if you’re going to use niacin at a high dose, you may want to be guided by your medical or clinical practitioner.

Order Niacin CRT