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Many people come into our office complaining about low thyroid function, low metabolic rate, and low body temperature.

Of course the thyroid can be involved in many of those processes and many times, it probably is. And people ask us, “What nutrient or supplement would I take to help my thyroid?” Either with, before, or instead of medication. That product is called T-150.

Kingdom Fuel - Drs. Mark & Michele Sherwood

T-150 can be a metabolic accelerator, meaning that it can step on the gas pedal to help the thyroid improve in its function. The thyroid is dependent upon certain nutrients to make thyroid hormone.

L-tyrosine, iodine, and the conversion of T4 to T3 is dependent upon selenium. So if your body is deficient in these nutrients you’re not gonna get much gas from your thyroid gland.

The active hormone T3 is gonna be lacking. So with T-150 on board it puts on the accelerator and helps the thyroid gland function better without adding medication to it.

Remember you can’t “go” while you’re stepping on the brake. You want your thyroid to be off of the brake.

Try a little T-150. One or two capsules per day, in the morning, away from food. You’ll get that thyroid a nice little lift up and it will work better for you.

Order T-150