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Hormone health can often be very confusing. Especially in the area of estrogen metabolism. When estrogen gets too high or you’re not clearing it enough, you can begin to have some issues.

That’s why a product like DIM-Evail is extremely beneficial. What does DIM stand for? It stands for diiendolylmethane.

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DIM comes from the cruciferous family of vegetables. DIM gives your liver a little bit of love. It aids the detoxification pathways in phase one.

That’s right… it aids the elimination of these toxic end products that can cause DNA damage. So supporting your system with DIM, is a good healthy thing to do for detoxification.

It is especially helpful if you don’t know your genetic snips or what your enzyme pathways are doing. DIM is a good way to help eliminate things that don’t need to be hanging around.

Think of DIM as a plant-based hormone optimizer. As we said, it does come from the cruciferous vegetables, and will be in things like broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, brussel sprouts, kale, cabbage, and things like that.

Since it comes from plants, it’s very safe. It’s very safe if you’re taking medication such as estrogen suppressors like tamoxifen (or things of that nature).

So again, it’s very very good for hormone balance, and specifically on estrogen.

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