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Jimmy’s Story

I was wearing size 36 pants that stretch to 38 and they were stretched all the way out. I needed the next size. I decided that enough was enough, I was drawing the line, no more. I would get up, and go to work but skip breakfast most days. Then I would eat whatever...

Michelle’s Story

I didn’t like who I saw in the mirror. I didn’t like being in a full length mirror, and seeing the person looking back at me. Let alone being in front of my husband, and him seeing who I was, how big I was. I had a hard time sleeping, and I know during...

Bryan’s Story

Before I had even considered losing weight, the doctor had told me that my triglycerides were on the rise. The last time I went and saw my primary carer, they were pretty concerned, because my triglycerides had gone up and cholesterol was going up. I was also having...

Amy’s Story

I’m a mom of five, and I was sluggish and didn’t have any energy to be able to interact with my children. But now I do, and I can enjoy life and enjoy my kids so much more and make sure to be there when I have grandkids. Before I came to FMI, I just lived...

ATP Ignite

Lacking energy? No need to choose a questionable energy drink or high-sugar beverage. There’s a healthy alternative called ATP Ignite.

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ATP Ignite Workout

ATP Ignite Workout enhances energy and exercise performance and gives you a better pump. It also gives you more strength when you’re working out.

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We need strong bones, strong teeth, and strong immune system. Sufficient amounts of Vitamin D3 along with Vitamin K2 are necessary to achieve these goals.

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KreAlkalyn Pro

Creatine is a recovery aid that aids strength and the building of bigger muscles. We use a form called KreAlkalyn Pro which is International Olympic Committee approved.

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There is one mineral that’s critical for nearly 400 reactions in the body, and most people are deficient in it: Magnesium.

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DHEA is a hormone with great benefits including: stress management, weight loss, enhanced libido, and immune support. Everyone needs a different dose and we can help you figure it out.

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If you want a little boost of energy in that midday time, you can try a very unique blend of folate and B12 called Trifolamin.

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Looking for a supplement to aide thyroid function? T-150 can be a metabolic accelerator, meaning that it can step on the gas pedal to help the thyroid improve in its function.

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OptiCleanse GHI

Looking for a quick emergency meal when you are on the go? OptiCleanse GHI is a “meal in a glass” that will beat any other “fast food” option.

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Think of DIM as a plant based hormone optimizer, especially estrogen. It also aids detoxification.

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Metabolic Synergy

Looking for a multi-vitamin? Metabolic Synergy is a broad based multi-vitamin and mineral that even has special components to support blood sugar balance.

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NEO40 is a natural way to support healthy blood pressure by improving nitrous oxide production.

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Niacin CRT

Niacin is very important in managing cholesterol. It works better than any medication we have on the market.

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