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Ep 02: To kneel or not to kneel?

What does kneeling mean in our world today? In this episode, Dr. Mark digs into this topic that is so prevalent in today’s society.

Virus Protection Supplements

Colostrum Buy Now 2-3 teaspoons twice daily on an empty stomach Colostrum is known as “nature’s first food”. If a baby needs this to build an immune system, we can take full advantage with carefully selected liposomal delivery, bovine sources. Vitamin C Buy Now 3,000...

Jimmy’s Story

I was wearing size 36 pants that stretch to 38 and they were stretched all the way out. I needed the next size. I decided that enough was enough, I was drawing the line, no more. I would get up, and go to work but skip breakfast most days. Then I would eat whatever...

Michelle’s Story

I didn’t like who I saw in the mirror. I didn’t like being in a full length mirror, and seeing the person looking back at me. Let alone being in front of my husband, and him seeing who I was, how big I was. I had a hard time sleeping, and I know during...

Bryan’s Story

Before I had even considered losing weight, the doctor had told me that my triglycerides were on the rise. The last time I went and saw my primary carer, they were pretty concerned, because my triglycerides had gone up and cholesterol was going up. I was also having...

Amy’s Story

I’m a mom of five, and I was sluggish and didn’t have any energy to be able to interact with my children. But now I do, and I can enjoy life and enjoy my kids so much more and make sure to be there when I have grandkids. Before I came to FMI, I just lived...

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Lacking energy? No need to choose a questionable energy drink or high-sugar beverage. There’s a healthy alternative called ATP Ignite.

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ATP Ignite Workout

ATP Ignite Workout enhances energy and exercise performance and gives you a better pump. It also gives you more strength when you’re working out.

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DHEA is a hormone with great benefits including: stress management, weight loss, enhanced libido, and immune support. Everyone needs a different dose and we can help you figure it out.

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We need strong bones, strong teeth, and strong immune system. Sufficient amounts of Vitamin D3 along with Vitamin K2 are necessary to achieve these goals.

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There is one mineral that’s critical for nearly 400 reactions in the body, and most people are deficient in it: Magnesium.

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Looking for a supplement to aide thyroid function? T-150 can be a metabolic accelerator, meaning that it can step on the gas pedal to help the thyroid improve in its function.

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If you want a little boost of energy in that midday time, you can try a very unique blend of folate and B12 called Trifolamin.

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KreAlkalyn Pro

Creatine is a recovery aid that aids strength and the building of bigger muscles. We use a form called KreAlkalyn Pro which is International Olympic Committee approved.

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