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Before meeting Dr. Mark and Michelle, I thought I was living a good life. I was a mother of five, a full-time graduate student, worked full time, and volunteered in my community. I just constantly felt tired. I was drinking probably a pot or two of coffee every day and eating the best that I could.

A short time ago, I started getting dizzy so I went to see my primary. She ran blood tests and then sent me to an ear specialist, where they checked my equilibrium. They did pretty much every test you could think of, even sending me to a heart specialist but no one could tell me why I was dizzy.

It got to the point where I was holding onto the wall to walk. In my line of work, I present to people, so it was compromising my career and my life. I went back to the doctor and I said, “I’m still dizzy, and now I can hear my heart beating. I can hear it racing and can feel it thumping.”

Kingdom Fuel - Drs. Mark & Michele Sherwood

So she checked me out and said, “Well, you have high blood pressure. And the last time you came in to see me, you had high blood pressure,” which I was never made aware of… Then she said, “I have this pill that I can give you and all it’s going to do is slow down your heart just a little bit.”

That’s the scariest thing anyone has ever told me. She was asking me to take a pill to slow down my heart in response to my high blood pressure! She told me that she didn’t know what is wrong with me, and I’m constantly dizzy.

I refer to that era in my life as my health collapse because that’s what was happening… That’s when Dr. Mark and Michelle Sherwood entered my life.

I started attending some of their seminars and watching their videos, trying to educate myself, and then I ended up being one of their clients.

Within that first month, the dizziness went away. My high blood pressure also went away. I can walk upstairs, and I don’t get out of breath. I have so much energy now, and my life is just so much greater.

I’m able to also help myself, and help my children. Now I can see myself playing with my grandchildren for years to come. I have that level of energy and health now.