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Every single solitary person needs to have sufficient B vitamins. Unfortunately, you cannot get enough today from any particular diet.

Even if you eat organic vegetables, the soil has been depleted because it hasn’t been allowed to rest. Therefore, the vitamins don’t get carried forth into the plants that we’re eating.

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So therefore, we have to have a quality B vitamin. That’s why we select B-Supreme.

All of the B vitamins are water-soluble and all of the B vitamins are important in the energy cycle. That’s right… if you’re missing just one of the B vitamins your body is not going to make adequate B energy.

The mitochondria are gonna be a little bit deficient. Another awesome thing about B-Supreme is that the B12 and the folate are methylated. That means it comes in a form that your body can actually use.

There are a lot of people out there who are non-methylaters. This means that they have an enzyme in their body that cannot add a methyl group to these B vitamins to create methylation.

Therefore, B vitamins that are taken in a non-methylated form are not usable. So, if you spend your hard-earned money on supplements that are supposed to help produce energy, but you can’t methylate, it’s not gonna be a good product.

So ensure that you’ve got all your B vitamins as broad-based support and ensure they’re methylated.

We need B vitamins for our brain health, detoxification, energy, and our nervous system. This is a quality vitamin that can be taken as a one-a-day, and you’ll have all of your areas covered with great sufficiency.

Order B-Supreme