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We get asked oftentimes, “What’s your favorite supplement?” or, “What’s your favorite protein powder?” We’d have to say that one of our favorites is PRO Colostrum LD. It’s known as nature’s first food.

PRO Colostrum is incredible at helping to heal the GI tract. That’s right. It helps to calm down the MALT and GALT, of the immune system that surrounds the gut which can be aggravated from the standard American diet. It is very important in aiding the healing of that lining.

Kingdom Fuel - Drs. Mark & Michele Sherwood

PRO Colostrum is good to improve digestion by helping the body make its own digestive enzymes.

PRO Colostrum also helps your body stimulate stem cell production, and as we know, stem cell production improves healing and regeneration.

We can’t really say that it slows aging, but if healing is happening and inflammation is going down, doesn’t that symbolize decreasing aging?

It has a lot of amazing ingredients: immunoglobulins, growth factors, and some antimicrobials. If I had one every day go-to, it’d be right here to Colostrum because it will make your body stronger, improve your immune system, and help you grow more muscles.

Those are all some good benefits. Pro Colostrum will overall help you improve your health.

Order PRO Colostrum LD