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We need strong bones, strong teeth, and strong immune system. It’s important to understand that sufficient amounts of Vitamin D3 along with Vitamin K2 are necessary to achieve those goals.

So we use Vitamin K2-D3 for a lot of reasons. Vitamin D is an antidepressant. So when the sun goes behind the clouds in the wintertime, what do we get? S-A-D, seasonal affective disorder.

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So as Vitamin D drops, you might get a little bit depressed. Vitamin D is also very directly related to the immune system, so for every bacterial infection and every viral infection that you fight, your body uses Vitamin D.

So if that Vitamin D level is low, the immune system can’t fight very well. Vitamin K2 is also important in directing calcium to come in through the gut and to go to the bones.

Vitamin D aids its absorption and K2 tells it where to go. Oftentimes, K2 comes from healthy gut bacteria.

That’s right… your gut bacteria actually make it, but most of us have the standard American gut, and it’s sad. It can’t make enough K2.

So ensuring you have adequate K2 with your Vitamin D will give you good calcium absorption. This is because Vitamin D brings calcium in from the gut and K2 tells calcium where to go.

K2 tells calcium to go to the bones instead of to the arteries. We don’t want hardening of the arteries, we want hardening of the bones. So Vitamin D3K2 is the supplement that you’re good go-to.

We’ll put this generally in one of two dosages. We’ll either have 5,000 international units of the D3 with the K2 inside of it, or a little bit higher dosage, 10,000 international units of D3 with K2.

In either case, we do that based upon what we see in the person in front of us with their blood work and some other factors. These are necessary.

This is one of those things that everyone needs, no question, and this is the right combination to get it going.

Order K2-D3