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There is one mineral that’s critical for nearly 400 reactions in the body, and most people are deficient in it. We used to test this mineral many times, but we don’t anymore because everyone needs magnesium.

Magnesium is a very important in part of the bone matrix, helping to lay down healthy bones.

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Magnesium is also important for cardiac health. It aids blood pressure. It helps to relax the vessel wall and allow it to vasodilate better.

You know magnesium is a muscle relaxer, so not only does it help the vessels, but it can also help tissue. So if you are a Type A person, and you’ve got chronic tension, magnesium may be a really good go-to.

Magnesium is also good in a bathtub. It will soak into your tissues aiding in relaxation.

Magnesium can also aid good deep sleep. It’s one of our first go-tos before any of the other sleep aids because magnesium, being a muscle relaxer, can also relax the brain.

It is one of our big go-tos also for chronic headaches. That’s right! For those who have had refractory migraine headaches for years, and had no relief even after trying different drugs, sumatriptans, and ergots, magnesium may be the winner.

We can titrate magnesium all the way up to what we call “the threshold”. The threshold means that you get a little bit of diarrhea.

You can reach this threshold of a little diarrhea because it relaxes the bowels. So magnesium can also be good for constipation. Magnesium is also very beneficial in relieving calcium oxalate kidney stones.

That is huge! A lot of people struggle with these issues we talked about. Now… it’s important to understand that magnesium comes in a variety of forms.

There’s many different forms of magnesium. We’ll help determine which one applies to your particular condition.

Different forms mean different actions, but it’s something we all need. Everybody should be taking magnesium to a tolerable level.

For bone health, heart health, bowel health, musculoskeletal health, and arterial health, magnesium is a great go-to.

Order Magnesium Buffered Chelate