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What multi-vitamin should you take? What does it need to have in it, and what makes it a good one?

We get asked that question all the time and we believe we have a great one that contains some additional ingredients to help control some conditions that are very common today. It is called Metabolic Synergy.

Kingdom Fuel - Drs. Mark & Michele Sherwood

Metabolic Synergy is a broad-based multi-vitamin and mineral that has everything from A to Z. Metabolic Synergy also has some special components that help sensitize your body’s blood sugar balance.

In the standard American diet today, most people have insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, or type two diabetes. Meaning they have problems with blood sugar balance. Metabolic Synergy to the rescue!

It has everything you need with special ingredients that bust through these conditions and keep them from becoming a problem.

There are also special anti-oxidants in there. Anti-oxidants can help to rust, and they fight free radical damage. In essence, it can help fight to age and keep your body from forming those creeks and cracks.

Without question, this is a go-to must-have. Pretty much everybody needs this. It’s going to help you control cortisol (the stress hormone), and also leptin.

It will also help you stay full by controlling insulin, helping it recognize blood sugar better and control that glycemic load, preventing you from having type two diabetes.

This is a great multi-vitamin that covers all of those bases and more.

Order Metabolic Synergy