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People ask frequently: “What are some of your go-tos for those quick emergency meals”. You could be out and about and have nothing to do or to grab.

So when we’re asked how to construct a quick meal, we always say “have a meal in a glass.” That’s when we recommend OptiCleanse GHI.

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OptiCleanse GHI is considered to be a medical food. That’s right, you could live off of OptiCleanse GHI.

In fact, a lot of people with bowel dysfunction, ulcerative colitis, Chrohns disease, inflammation, or chronic colitis, will use OptiCleanse GHI to incure healing, and get past those chronic diseases.

OptiCleanse GHI contains a full spectrum nutrients from A to Z. It’s also got a lot of anti-inflammatories in it which help take the inflammation in the GI lining down.

OptiCleanse GHI is lactose free and it can be vegetarian, so it’s good for a vegetarian to take as well. We love it and it tastes great. There is even a couple of flavors like, chocolate and vanilla.

It’s a great meal in a glass. You can certainly mix other things with it as one would mix up a protein shake. But you don’t have to because this is a whole meal and it tastes awesome.

So don’t get caught without. Don’t be out and about and have to run into a gas station or a quick mart to pick up something that’s junk.

Carry OptiCleanse GHI with you. It comes in small packets and also a big tub that you can keep at home.

Order OptiCleanse GHI