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One of the number one things patients come into the office and ask is: “Can you help me with my stress?”

You’re probably stressing out right now, just talking about stress. Stress stresses you out. Stress stresses me out. Stress!

What is stress? Stress is a reaction to a perceived threat. And then that perceived threat creates a physiological response, like anxiety, sweating, elevated blood pressure, or even obsessive eating.

Kingdom Fuel - Drs. Mark & Michele Sherwood

It just changes our behavior and who we are. It often makes us a person we don’t want to become. So of course we can help you with your stress.

We take a look into the cracks of what’s causing it, and help you get an understanding of what the roots are so that we can change the foundation of how you perceive that stress or that stressor.

So you mention the key word, perception. So I’m going to give you a new definition of stress, and we’ll get into this more when you’re in our clinic.

Stress is not a noun. Go figure. It’s not something you can put into a bucket. It’s not a person, place, or thing. Stress is a verb. Here’s a definition. Write this down… Stress is an action you take, in response to life’s expected or unexpected occurrences.

Think of a traffic jam. You can’t do anything about them. You can get stressed out, or you can chill out. And really, you can’t change the stressor so it really puts it back in your hands.

You can’t sit there and say that stress made you eat that bowl of ice cream. You chose to do that, in response to something.

And we realize that it’s a big deal. Like 75 percent of doctor’s visits have to do with stress and fatigue. It’s a huge thing! But absolutely yes, we can help you with stress because guess what, if we don’t help you with stress, that stresses us out!

Are you stressed?