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One of the labs that we utilize in the clinic is the DNA lab report. In the DNA lab report, there’s a lot of really exciting information and it has several sections.

The first section is the health report. The health report goes into things like lipid metabolism, inflammation, detoxification, even how you use blood sugar.

There are a couple other things in there that tell you how you utilize milk, sugar, lactose, caffeine, salt, and even whether or not you process iron right.

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So, the health report can get us a good foundation on what direction to go with your precision lifestyle plan.

Then there’s a diet report. And in that diet section, we are able to look at your genes, not your blue jeans, but your personal genes, or your blueprint. We can see what kind of nutritional protocol would best suit you for life.

There are also weight loss resistance genes. So with people that have battled their weight forever, we’re able to break that section down, and give them a plan that’s gonna optimize their waistline and optimize their health.

Then there’s a sports section. With the sports section, we can see injury risk, and even recovery potential. We can see whether a person is more powerful with muscle building or more aerobic with cardiovascular capacity.

We can also see what time of the day is best for a person to train and whether or not they respond to things like ergogenic aids, such as caffeine. We can even see whether a person has connective tissue abnormalities. Where they might need to put certain supplementation on board.

So, the DNA is a really powerful tool that we use to create a precision lifestyle plan. Not to mention there’s also an estrogen panel, which for any female on hormones, or any female in general, that wants to know more about estrogen metabolism and how their body is utilizing estrogen, this panel can give us a really good detailed look at how your body is able to eliminate estrogen in products.

Without question, DNA testing is a foundational thing we recommend for everyone. The better you know those genes, the better we’re going be able to create in you the best lifestyle and the best life.

We’re telling you… this is really awesome and cutting-edge stuff. It’s the future of personalized healthcare. So when we see your DNA, we can help you pick out areas of high priority that need attention in your lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, rest, and also supplementation.