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Many patients come into the clinic and they ask a very simple question. Can I just get hormone replacement? The answer to that question is… why would you get just hormone replacement when hormones can’t fix everything?

Your body has to have a foundation of wellness first. If your body’s deaf to the voice, meaning it’s all junked up with the standard American stuff like sugars, grains, breads, additives, preservatives, and metabolic waste products, do you think your body can actually see hormones and use hormones?

The answer is no. So we always optimize a system before we put hormones onboard, or in conjunction with putting hormones onboard. Just hormones don’t always work.

Kingdom Fuel - Drs. Mark & Michele Sherwood

What are hormones in the first place? They’re messengers that travel many times through your blood system. So think about that for a moment. Your blood system’s like a road. And the emails are like the hormones.

And so we’re sending an email, or a mail, down the road to a destination and the hormones don’t do anything until they hit the receptor of the cell and cause an action inside the cell to do something.

So hormones aren’t the doing, they’re actually the telling part of that. So if you’re sending an email, in this case a hormone, down a road that’s sticky, how are you going to get the email down the road without it sticking to something else?

That’s not the best analogy and probably not physiologically correct, but you get the idea. If our messenger system is junked up, our receptors won’t hear the signal or won’t even get the signal in the first place.

So the answer’s not to just keep giving hormones, because you’re gonna have people come in and say “well…. I didn’t feel it” and that would be due to one one of those two things.

So it’s not a one size fit all, and it’s not more is better. Hormones won’t fix the world, economy, or the border crisis… And hormones don’t make you lose weight.

They also don’t make you improve your libido most of the time. There’s too many things involved in this so you need someone to help you look at the whole picture, and give you hormones appropriately. When they’re given appropriately, they’re magical!

You have to understand the art of it. If you can maximize the system with which you put hormones into, they can be life changers!

And they are life changers. One of the things that we don’t often realize is that insulin is a hormone. And insulin is the number one thing that will wreck all the other hormones.

So if we don’t get blood sugar and insulin in balance, just giving these male and female sex hormones aren’t necessarily gonna balance the whole system.

We see people come in from other places, and all they’ve done is put on a lot of fat tissue and because the hormones haven’t worked and they always say “can you fix me?”

No one ever talked to them about Lifestyle. The roadways, and the highways, and the way hormones are delivered. It’s unfortunate because there’s a lot of misinformation out there.

So the answers to the question “Can I just get hormone replacement” is probably no. We want to give you more than that. I think that’s probably a better way to put it.

We want to give you everything that hormones are supposed to do, and help in creating a highway system that’s viable for their optimum function.

If we do that, people will come in and get their lives changed. Lifestyle optimization is a proven strategy.