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So in our office we use a lot of really special tests. And one of the very important test thats we use is DNA. You know, DNA is your blueprint. There’s only one you, so you only have one blueprint.

Here’s an easy way to understand it… DNA is like a dam in the middle of the river. The dam is supposed to handle all of these upstream processes that meet up with, join with, have conversation with this dam.

When the dam is able to handle it, then you have good results downstream. If the dam has too much to handle, it’s gonna show weakness. It’s gonna crack. It’s gonna show vulnerability. And downstream can be disease processes.

Kingdom Fuel - Drs. Mark & Michele Sherwood

So if you understand how the dam works, and you employ the right strategy to manage the upstream processes of the environment, then the conversation between your environment and your dam (or your genes), will result in disease avoidance, reversal, and even resilience.

And that’s the pattern we might use. We are experts in this field called translational nutrigenomics and nutrigenetics. We’re able to manipulate the environment to intersect the dam and create good probability of disease avoidance.

The genes that we look at in our DNA test tell us about how you can stay well with your nutrition and lifestyle. We want to look and focus on the genes that we can actually influence. We want to help you get better and stay better longer.

Genes are where it’s at. It’s crazy to think that we’re 99.9% identical in our human genes. But that 0.1% is so fascinatingly awesome! And when you really get those genes right, you get a lifestyle plan going, that is absolutely spot on.

All you have to do is follow it like a blueprint. It’s a roadmap to your best life. And with 100% success rate on this, we think everybody needs DNA testing as a baseline part of their lifestyle plan.