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We have a very special test that we use in the office that’s different from any serum laboratory test, and it’s the micronutrient test.

Yes, I said micronutrient, and why is it different? It’s because it measures the intracellular levels of micronutrients that are important in running cellular processes.

For example, it will tell you about all of your vitamins from A to Z. Vitamin A, all your B vitamins, vitamin C, all the way to Zinc. It also tells you about amino acids, and your antioxidant score (whether or not you’re rusting too fast).

Kingdom Fuel - Drs. Mark & Michele Sherwood

It even tells you about your immune function. It really gets in to detail about how you manage the intake of certain types of sugar. So a micronutrient test looks at what’s on the inside of the cell, where the cellular process is run.

How do you know if things are optimal inside the cell or not? You’ve gotta take a deeper look.

Another thing to note is that this test is a non-fasting test. It’s non-fasting because we’re not looking at micronutrients in the blood stream, we’re looking at them at the cell level which is a whole different look. It’s more advanced than serum.

We usually don’t do this first though. We usually do it subsequent to having a good serum look of your blood and what’s going on with it. And then we initiate therapy, and and continue to look at the micronutrients to see if our therapy is working.

We are looking for whether or not you’re getting the nutrients you need and having good digestion. Also whether or not your nutrients are being carried to the right destination to cause the right action.

So, if you’re at a point where you’re not getting to a goal with the standard traditional blood labs, and you’ve optimized everything you know to optimize, then it might be time for that micronutrient evaluation.