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One question we get often is: “Can you help me understand my labs?”

When you get that lab report back in your hands, sometimes those numbers can be very frightening, if things are out of balance. It can bring up worry and anxiety.

Kingdom Fuel - Drs. Mark & Michele Sherwood

And absolutely we can help you understand those labs! We’ll sit down with patients in a complete blood workup (chemistry, lipid panels, thyroid hormones, etc), and we will detail each one of those labs out for you. Specifically the ones that you have questions about or the ones that are out of range and bring anxiety and stress.

There is no question…. we can help you understand those labs.

The lab discussion or consultation we have is one of the most empowering times a patient can have, because we give you a proper perspective on what those labs mean. No more do you get a call from someone that just says “everything’s normal!”

You’ll have a brand new definition of what normal is, trust us on that. That word “normal” probably brings anxiety in your life.

We like to talk about “optimal.” We not only want to teach you how to understand a lab, but how to optimize them over the course of time.