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Patients come in all the time and they ask, “Can you help me sleep better?”

Insomnia is an absolute national crisis. People coming in asking for medications and pills. A pill to calm the ill so that they can sleep.

Well of course we can help you sleep and we can help you sleep without pills, oftentimes. We have to look into your lifestyle, we have to see what kind of stimulants are you using? Is it caffeine? Is it energy drinks? Is it stuff that is in your migraine medications?

Kingdom Fuel - Drs. Mark & Michele Sherwood

What about stress? Are you overly stressed? And is stress causing you to stay awake at night? Maybe your mind can’t turn off. We can help in many ways. Oftentimes we’ll evaluate your hormones. We’ll do a deep dive into your hormones.

Progesterone is the hormone of deep sleep. Oftentimes progesterone is running low. What about the hormone melatonin? Melatonin is one of the brain chemicals, it’s a neurotransmitters that helps your brain go down to sleep at night.

If we need to, sometimes we’ll measure neurotransmitters to see if you need a little bit a help. There are a lot of supplements that we use that can help you sleep like L-theanine which helps the brain relax.

Melatonin which we already talked about, is the hormone of deep sleep. Magnesium is another important one. It is a muscle relaxer and magnesium aids good, deep sleep as well. Magnesium also calms blood pressure and stress.

The bottom line is yes, we can help you with sleep. If you don’t sleep, that’s gonna pose a significant amount of other related problems such as excess cortisol, which could cause weight gain, fatigue during the day, and just suffering quality of life.

So sleep is mandatory and we spend a lot of time talking about it. And we absolutely will help you, coach you, and teach you how to make good deep sleep a part of your life on a normal basis

A few other things to think about in regards to sleep…

What kind of loud noises are happening in the house around seven, eight, nine o’clock at night? Simply just turn the TV down, turn the radios down, turn the lights down, and start to dampen the senses.

We’re oftentimes overstimulated every single minute of the day and if we’re stimulating up ’til the time that we wanna go to bed (especially with our phones, computers, and other bright lights) our brain is staying awake.

So turn those lights down, the computers off, and the TVs off. Maybe even think about having your TVs in another room away from the bedroom. Also be sure to put cell phones away from your bedside so that your brain can’t pick up on that light that’s going off when your friends are texting you in the middle of the night.

Our final advice to you is to just chill out and go to sleep!