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A lot of times people ask us, “what is our approach to health?” We have a five prong process that’s designed to give us this complete or total wellness.

The first prong is Lifestyle. Lifestyle includes the following things.

  • What we eat
  • What we do
  • How me manage our lives
  • Our sleep quality
  • Etc.

When you come see us, we’re gonna spend a lot of time talking about these kinds of things, because lifestyle is about 85% of your long-term outcome. And the greatest medical decision you make is at the end of your fork.

Kingdom Fuel - Drs. Mark & Michele Sherwood

The second prong is Genetics. We use a very special DNA panel that evaluates the things that affect your long-term health. We look at things like lipid metabolism, sugar metabolism, inflammation, detoxification, methylation, and even the BDR receptor that tells you about your bone health. Then we get in detail about what kind of nutritional protocol is gonna be appropriate for you. Yes, you.

Then we take a deep dive into a sports section that tells us about injury risk and recovery rate. It tells us whether or not you’re a power person, an endurance person, or you’ve got a mixed bag of tricks going on.

So from our perspective, the DNA panel really helps us design a personalized lifestyle plan that’s gonna benefit you for the rest of your life.

Now, how do you know you’re doing a good job? That brings us to the third prong, Measurables.

When we measure things, we have to ask the right questions. Conventional labs don’t do that. We actually have really unique proprietary labs that we put together, that measure whether we’re having good success with lifestyle and genetics.

We not only measure with blood work, but we measure in our waist size or our body fat composition. We want to make sure your composition of body fat is in line and optimal. That you don’t have extra fat tissue on the frame because that can be inflammatory.

How do you feel? How are you sleeping? How are you doing? How are you really feeling about life in general? All these things matter. The main measurable in all those questions is “how are you really doing?”

I think that’s the key, but we have to measure the right things. So we give a lot of effort into these procedures we do with blood work.

We have another machine called a plethysmogram machine. It will help us look at the heart valve pressure. How’s our vascular system doing? We just want to ask the right questions. We give you scorecard to help you hit the bullseye.

Every time you do a test, you wanna make an A. Every time you throw a dart, you wanna hit the bullseye. So these measurables tell you what you’re shooting at and how you’re doing in reaching those goals.

With the fourth prong we cover Hormones. We want to get you optimal in your hormones.

Your body makes a lot of different hormones like thyroid, cortisol, leptin, and the male and female sex hormones. These hormones act kind of like emails. They’re sent out from glands to tissues.

When they’re hitting the tissues, the receptors on the cells answer the emails. But if your body is out of balance, all junked up with the standard American diet, and too much stress, sitting, and inactivity, then guess what?

Your body can’t hear those hormones. And sometimes, things get a little bit intense and hormones get out of balance. Also, for every passing year, hormones decline.

So we want to analyze what your baseline is, and where you’re at so we can get you to your optimal. We want to optimize each and every one of your individual hormones.

And over top of that four prong, we have a fifth prong, Proven Strategy. And in our case, we don’t shy away from it, but they’re biblical principles that work. It’s about a choice versus consequences thing. There’s things that just work.

Our proven strategy has been 100% successful and people just do it. So that sits right on the top of everything because if it doesn’t fit that principle or if it gets outside of those bounds morally or ethically, it doesn’t work.

So all these things fit together nicely, almost like a fistful of power. To reiterate, we have lifestyle, genetics, hormones, measurables, and proven lifestyle strategy. These five things give you power in life to do what you wanna do and have that best lifestyle.

That’s why we do what we do. We cover all those principles when you come into our clinic, and you’re gonna know, flat out, that we give attention and equal matter to every one of those things, and that’s important.