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Success Stories

Emily Miller

I had to make a choice. I could not afford to go to the doctor, but I woke up every day to stomach pain, allergies, and just a long laundry list of aliments. I decided to cut out everything from my diet except, as the Docs say, the edges of the grocery store. If it was in a box or a bag, I did not eat it. Initially, I lost 30 lbs and felt so... Read More

Rachel Fusselman

I honestly was fine being obese. I was an emotional eater and I didn’t want to give it up. I didn’t realize then that emotional eating was an eating disorder. I just thought it was the way things were now after 4 children and that I deserved it. Every night, once the kids were in bed, I needed a feast to feed my emotions. My relationship with God was good and my relationship with my... Read More

Christine Mata

I am an installation technician for AT&T which requires a lot of heavy lifting, attic and crawl space work and climbing utility poles. As a 58 year old female, this is no easy task. Prior to visiting FMI, I was constantly fatigued, irritable, and experiencing joint and muscle soreness. In need of a different primary care physician due to new insurance, I found Jackie Parnell at the Functional Medical Institute. She recommended Bioidentical Hormone Replacement... Read More

Kimberly Shipman

When I came to see Dr. Mark Sherwood at Functional Medical Institute, I was struggling with my weight. I thought I was doing all the right things by eating healthy and exercising, but physically I was not seeing the results. In reality, I was eating some of the wrong foods and not doing much strength training, only cardio. Dr. Mark started me on a nutrition program and suggested that I start weight training along with... Read More

Carla Odom

Where was I? When I came to FMI, I was recovering from cancer and was confused by all the information available. Even though I was eating healthy and consuming mass quantities of supplements, I was still in pain and unhealthy. I was anxious, depressed and nonfunctional. I had been walking my own journey of wellness and due to information overload I was confused and burdened by an impossible schedule. My life was consumed with being... Read More

Jennifer Cyr

I didn’t feel like myself. I didn’t have any energy. I was tired all the time and just feeling like I needed a change. It’s a pretty significant mental game that first three or four weeks as you start to grieve the things that you’re giving up in your life. After that first month, I think it just becomes…convincing yourself that this is your new lifestyle. And, becoming comfortable with and even appreciating that decision... Read More

Ricky Burr

Where I used to be… I began my journey to wellness, weighing 268 pounds, having a 47 inch waste, blood pressure in the hypertensive range, and with glucose levels in the pre-diabetes range. I suffered from acid reflux and required several antacids every day, just to manage the indigestion. Back aches, knee pain, ankle pain, to name a few, were routine ailments. Walking up or down stairs was challenging, and climbing even a couple of... Read More

Carla Hanes

A big issue was blood pressure that was out of control. I was having some medication changes that didn’t seem to really help. Also, I was having some inflammation in the body that couldn’t be identified. I didn’t really know what to do about it. It’s pretty scary, I mean you don’t know if you’re going to get it in control or how many medications am I going to have to take to do that.... Read More
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