Success Stories

Carla Odom

Where was I? When I came to FMI, I was recovering from cancer and was confused by all the information available. Even though I was eating healthy and consuming mass quantities of supplements, I was still in pain and unhealthy. I was anxious, depressed and nonfunctional. I had been walking my own journey of wellness and due to information overload I was confused and burdened by an impossible schedule. My life was consumed with being... Read More

Jennifer Cyr

I didn’t feel like myself. I didn’t have any energy. I was tired all the time and just feeling like I needed a change. It’s a pretty significant mental game that first three or four weeks as you start to grieve the things that you’re giving up in your life. After that first month, I think it just becomes…convincing yourself that this is your new lifestyle. And, becoming comfortable with and even appreciating that decision... Read More

Ricky Burr

Where I used to be… I began my journey to wellness, weighing 268 pounds, having a 47 inch waste, blood pressure in the hypertensive range, and with glucose levels in the pre-diabetes range. I suffered from acid reflux and required several antacids every day, just to manage the indigestion. Back aches, knee pain, ankle pain, to name a few, were routine ailments. Walking up or down stairs was challenging, and climbing even a couple of... Read More

Carla Hanes

A big issue was blood pressure that was out of control. I was having some medication changes that didn’t seem to really help. Also, I was having some inflammation in the body that couldn’t be identified. I didn’t really know what to do about it. It’s pretty scary, I mean you don’t know if you’re going to get it in control or how many medications am I going to have to take to do that.... Read More

Charlotte Simpson

I became a momma at the young age of 17, got married and was blessed with 2 more daughters and a stepdaughter. Family life was in full swing and I just stopped taking care of myself and took care of everyone else. I felt so out of control on my nutrition. I would go on a “diet” only to find myself losing and gaining the same weight over and over. My weight gradually crept up... Read More

Darren Schrum

What brought you to our clinic? I have tried to work out over the years, but for the past 10 years I have really seen no change. In the past couple of years I began to feel really sluggish. I also experienced no strength gain…actually, I was probably losing strength. My nutrition was poor – I really wasn’t taking care of myself. I’d put anything in my mouth that looked good. It was at this... Read More

Pam Burr

After the death of my previous doctor and the sudden closing of his office, I was left trying to find a new doctor. An email was sent recommending a doctor in Broken Arrow. I researched him online and he had lots of negative reviews. I considered a few other options, none of which I was thrilled about. It looked like I might even have to go out of state to find someone to help with... Read More

Charlin Graham

I was borderline diabetic. I was obese, having a lot of joint problems. I didn’t feel good. It was a bad feeling. It was depressing. I was just in a bad place at the time. Numerous results I’ve seen. I’ve dropped weight very quickly. My joints feel better. My attitude is better. I’m not nearly as depressed as I was. I want to hang out with my kids and play with my kids and get... Read More