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I’m a mom of five, and I was sluggish and didn’t have any energy to be able to interact with my children. But now I do, and I can enjoy life and enjoy my kids so much more and make sure to be there when I have grandkids.

Before I came to FMI, I just lived a normal everyday life I guess… Chasing my five kids around the house, taking them to school, appointments, sporting events, eating on the run, just snack here and there.

I felt like that’s all we did, was snack. I knew it wasn’t the best.

Kingdom Fuel - Drs. Mark & Michele Sherwood

I’d gained a lotta weight through the five pregnancies, and we’d had two major life events that were kinda traumatic, and that’s how I would calm myself, was by eating.

And I knew I was obese, and I knew I had a lot of internal problems that no doctor had ever told me about. They just said, “You need to lose weight.” But I needed to know how.

The first week, I came to FMI with my husband and we were trying to figure it out, trying to learn a whole new way of living.

But then the second week of my detox, I was actually traveling. That was more difficult. I was at my parents’ house, so I wasn’t cooking for myself.

I was eating their food but having to be very cautious about what I ate, and I almost just had to go get my own food and prepare my own stuff. But it was hard. I’m not gonna say it was easy at all.

It was difficult, but I did it. I felt better. I felt like, “Okay, I accomplished this two-week goal, now let’s keep going. Next step forward, and let’s do this.”

I’m still learning. It’s a lot of information to comprehend, and sometimes I have to rewatch videos or reread information several times to make sure I understand the whys. Why I’m doing this or why I’m not doing this.

I’m just trying to help my body get where it needs to be. I definitely have more energy and I feel like I sleep better. My kids still keep me up on occasion, but when I do get sleep, I sleep harder.

I’m definitely feel more energetic. Able to chase my kids and take them to events and not be so worn out. So I’m able to enjoy life. I feel like that’s been the biggest change, that I’m able to enjoy life now. I wasn’t enjoying it before.

This is all very doable! Going this journey through FMI has been incredible ’cause they’ve walked it with me each step of the way.

If I’ve had questions, if I’ve had concerns, or if I just needed to whine a little bit, they would l listen and just give me a pep talk saying “Let’s get on it, you got it.”

But I feel a lot better. I have a lot more energy, and I can enjoy my children. I can play with them, get down on the floor and wrestle around with them more.

Before, I just felt like a big blob, you know? But it’s all a learning curve, and we’re both trying to create new habits and better our whole family.