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I had a slow journey at first. I was diagnosed with uveal melanoma cancer, which is a really extremely rare form of eye cancer.

That sort of pushed me forward a little bit faster, with wanting to get healthy.

I started working with Dr. Michele, and it was a kinda an up and down battle of getting through the cancer and getting healed, but I did come out on the other side of that.

Kingdom Fuel - Drs. Mark & Michele Sherwood

Through the process of follow up care, we actually had to do routine MRIs of my liver and abdomen, and at one point I was diagnosed with fatty liver disease.

So that was when things got real, and when Dr. Michele started pushing me to make real changes. Real life long lifestyle changes. That’s when I started to meet with Dr. Mark as well.

You know, we have this tendency to fall into staying the same because the fear of change is so big. And we don’t change until the cost of staying the same outweighs the costs of change.

I think we have to just recognize that it’s worth it. God has more for you and he has a better plan for you.

Dr. Mark and Michele know that, and they encourage people to live their best lives through a variety of means. They’re all about physical health and spiritual health, and both of those things combined.

I would tell anyone thinking “do I want to take this step?”

It’s worth the cost, it’s worth the time, it’s worth the energy, and it’s worth the effort. Just go for it!