Night of Empowerment

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Before I had even considered losing weight, the doctor had told me that my triglycerides were on the rise. The last time I went and saw my primary carer, they were pretty concerned, because my triglycerides had gone up and cholesterol was going up.

I was also having issues with chest pains but I didn’t really tell anybody, because I didn’t wanna worry anybody. I was just going day to day, tired all the time, and I couldn’t get any energy.

Every so often I was having the pains but was just living with it. Going through my head was, of course, my kids, and my wife. Thoughts of “I could just not wake up one morning” or “I could go to work and not come home”. It was just eating me up.

Kingdom Fuel - Drs. Mark & Michele Sherwood

I felt a pull to go to the Sherwoods and I kept feeling the pull and feeling the pull, but I was kinda putting it off. Primarily because whenever I’d discuss it with my wife, there were hesitations.

It was hard for me to convince her that this is something we needed to do. But I knew that it was something we needed to do.

I then found out about the dinner talk and I went home and I said, “Look, we’re going to the dinner talk and we’re gonna hear what they have to say, and at that point we can make decision about what we’re gonna do”.

At the dinner talk, they came up and said their spiel and all that, and then we decided to go ahead and have a sit-down with them at the office. In that moment, it just felt like this is where we needed to be.

The rest can be just explained by the results my wife and I have had. Right now I’m down around 60 pounds. I feel better, and I have more energy. I also wanna do more stuff.

I just feel more productive, and my thought process is back. I’ve stopped having pains. My knees are getting better. That was one thing that was really bothering me. Just standing at work all day, would cause them to hurt non-stop.

If you’re not willing to step up and change what you know and feel is right, then it’s never gonna change. You’ve got to do this, it’s a life or death thing.

If you keep going where you’re going… If you keep doing what you’re doing… That’s the death path. If you change and move over, it’s the life path.

That’s really what I would want to tell somebody.