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One in two Americans have some degree of diabesity (diabetes + obesity). This may be due to a fat-storing hormone known as insulin and the stress-related hormone, cortisol.

How Does Insulin Affect Weight Loss?

When you’re overweight or skinny fat (normal weight but you have too much fat mass, AKA – sarcopenic obesity), insulin becomes imbalanced and your cells become numb to the hormone. Thus, leading to insulin resistance.

As a result, you experience blood sugar highs and lows, and you store fat because your glucose regulator is broken. Insulin isn’t working. Your hormone balance and weight loss are off track. The locks and keys of metabolism have become rusty!

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Take action to reset your insulin.

There are many ways to reset your insulin, but a personal favorite is to go for a brisk 30 minute walk. Exercise is more powerful than insulin in improving insulin resistance.

You probably already know to give up sugar and artificial sweeteners. Keep in mind that if your metabolism is broken, your hormones are misfiring, and insulin is the most likely to be a problem. You have to be mindful and avoid what will kill you – sugar!

A shot of apple cider vinegar or prescription drugs can also work at fixing your blood sugar regulation.

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How Does Cortisol Affect Weight Loss?

You make cortisol in response to stress, but most of us run around stressed all the time. All those stress hormones wreak havoc over time, and make you store fat – especially in your belly. High cortisol is also linked to depression, food addiction, and sugar cravings. In turn, causing you overeat the wrong foods like cookies and processed foods. What’s the net result? You get fat.

Take action to reset your cortisol.

To reset your cortisol, you need to hit the pause button on your caffeine intake. Slowly wean off of caffeine over three days, and notice how your sleep and stress levels improve!

Make sure you get adequate sleep. Sleep deprivation wreaks havoc on cortisol and fat deposition follows like a protective armor during excessive cortisol production.

Our mission at Functional Medical Institute is to help people who struggle with weight issues from hormone imbalance. This is done by understanding that permanent weight loss occurs as a result of hormone balance through good lifestyle practices.

A healthy lifestyle has helped so many of our patients, online community, and patients across the globe finally get their weight under control and break through weight loss resistance. When you follow the right program, guided by a trusted practitioner and armed with the best knowledge, it’s possible to lose the weight that’s burdened you for so long and keep it off forever!