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The big BUZZ words out there are pre-diabetes, metabolic syndrome, Syndrome X and insulin resistance. These are all precursors to the horrible disease diabetes. You need to know if you are at risk, and if you are already in the hot water tank headed towards diabetes.

If you already have this condition, or wish to avoid it, and always feel your best, our lifestyle protocol can help turn your condition around and get your biomarkers back in line. Controlling your markers with a healthy lifestyle can limit the long term consequences of the aforementioned diseases.

With nutrition and exercise you can control your cholesterol, triglycerides, blood pressure, HgA1c, fasting insulin levels, and blood sugar levels. Keeping these markers in line will stave off pre-diabetes, metabolic syndrome, Syndrome X and insulin resistance and diabetes.

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If you have any of the following symptoms, you should get your biomarkers of diabetes done, soon.

  1. At any age, if you are overweight, you may be at risk. Visceral fat (fat around your mid-section) has been shown to carry a higher risk. An increased waist to hip ratio is not a good thing. That means more fat around the middle.
  2. If you sit to much, you are at an increased risk. Sitting has been termed “the new smoking”. Exercise is second to nutrition as an important thing to do to control your risk. Exercise has been shown to be more powerful than insulin at the lowering blood sugars. However, understand that TOO MUCH exercise can produce cortisol (a stress hormone) and cause elevated blood sugar! Many people still gain weight and have blood sugar issues if they are not on a balanced exercise plan. You cannot out-exercise a bad diet.
  3. Elevated blood pressure is telling you that your body is under too much tension. Even though the JNC 8 has changed the standards on blood pressure control, make sure you talk to your doctor to ensure your blood pressure is not harming your health. High blood pressure is the silent killer as it pounds away at your kidneys, brain, eyes and nerves.
  4. If you have high blood lipids (AKA as blood fats), either triglycerides or cholesterol (LDL), you are likely at risk. Triglycerides have moved to the front of the line as a marker for metabolic syndrome and pre-diabetes. A low HDL is also a risk factor. This number should be more than 45 in men and more than 50 in women.
  5. Check your family history for risk factors, but don’t let your genes be a cop out for you to accept that you have to end up with diabetes. This should motivate you even more to stop the madness and get ahold of your lifestyle right away.

You cannot out-exercise a bad diet. Tweet Quote

Talk to your doctor about your biomarkers of risk and have your full fasting blood panel, HgA1c, fasting insulin, fasting blood lipid panel, body composition and blood pressure checked as soon as possible.

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