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What ever happened to good old-fashioned hard, consistent work?  Hasn’t it always been the tried and true, sure-fire way to lasting success and results? Somehow, in regard to fitness, this hard work – consistent methodology has morphed into an ‘I want in NOW’ or ‘microwave mentality.’ As I travel throughout the world, I notice two occurrences which are becoming routine:

  1. Many media-generated commercials advertising quick fix solutions to fitness – whether it be pills, exercise programs, or a combination thereof.
  2. People asking me to explain the quickest way to get in shape – say in one to two months.

It saddens me to observe and hear these things. How can we undo something in 30 days (such as a poor fitness condition) that took us years to mess up – whether it is our current weight or general fitness?

This is NOT reasonable or safe!!! We need to wake up and get out of our delusional thinking! I don’t mean to sound harsh. However, with the ‘microwave mentality’ running rampant and the obesity rate on the increase (currently 1 in 3 Americans are considered obese), allow me to ask you a question.  How is the ‘microwave mentality’ working for us?

Kingdom Fuel - Drs. Mark & Michele Sherwood

How can we undo something in 30 days that took us years to mess up?

We look for excitement, hype, bells and whistles.  I think it is high-time we knock off this nonsensical thinking and get back to the basics. Don’t look for exercise plans to be fun. Rather, seek out plans that are geared toward sustained success. Fun will follow as you make tremendous personal fitness strides.

Don’t look for rapid weight-loss solutions. Look for increased better choices of food/nutrition in which we put in our bodies.

Personally, I have tried to come up with solutions to the ‘microwave mentality’ problem.  I created an online workout program specifically designed toward progressive success, habit forming activities, and a lifetime commitment to lifestyle change.  Additionally, I have outlined a basic nutrition plan in this post: The Sherwood Meal Plan.

Listen, I am not aware a safe quick fix, but I am aware (because I live it) of the results of basic and consistent hard work and commitment.  Get away from the ‘microwave mentality’ and focus on a lasting lifestyle change.