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We might not be in the Garden anymore, but the Gardener is still with us.

When we consider the creator of the universe—the creator of you—we must not look to modern society, the state of our health, rampant disasters, sickness, disease, and suffering.

Watch the television news, and you’ll see we’ve drifted and crashed a long way from the garden of health and peace.

Kingdom Fuel - Drs. Mark & Michele Sherwood

The point is, if you want to believe that God’s plan for you is health, you need to know something about God’s heart.

We can see His heart reflected in original creation. God is all about giving hope, producing life, generating love, and providing immeasurable spiritual food for growth.

First, let’s look at hope. Hope gives us something to look forward to. Hope provides the reason and motivation to press onward. God always gives us hope because He is good.

Second, let’s examine life. What is life, anyway? It is more, much more, than physical life. However, God does want us to have a joyous and fruitful physical life.

He provides this in our amazing temple (our body), which He created specifically for His Spirit to reside in.

Third, there is love. What a word and what a concept! God gives love and is love. God’s love has no end. Even when we don’t love, he showers us with love. As

Romans 5:8 establishes, “While we were yet sinners, Christ (God’s son) died for us.” That is pretty amazing love.

Fourth, let’s dive into spiritual food. With the proper food, we will properly grow. God’s heart is full of plenty of spiritual food because it contains His Word.

His Word (the Bible) provides all the spiritual nutrition we will ever need. But we must choose to use what is readily available.

How can our heart trust our Creator and become more like His heart?

  1. Daily realize God is hope. Eternal hope cannot be put on a person, career, or money. It needs to be placed squarely upon God.
  2. Understand that the life you lead is not your own. God made you. You are not an accident or result of a big bang in the cosmos. He made the very concept of life. Therefore, in Him is life.
  3. Allow God to love you. If you allow it, it will happen. He loves you no matter what, but if you trust in His love, your experience will be undeniable.
  4. Trust in God’s spiritual food to grow. Read His Word through the Bible. Listen for His Word through people, circumstances, and the whispers of Holy Spirit. By hearing, believing, and acting upon His Word, you will grow.
  5. Be thankful on purpose. When we look, we’ll find an endless list of things to be grateful for. Thank God for your health, home, family, spouse, friends, clothes, food, and hope.
  6. Be honest with God. Don’t hold back. Share your deepest thoughts with Him. Why hold in negative thoughts and feelings? He can be trusted and only wants the best for you.

All these are basic ingredients for a life of peace and health.

This is an excerpt from Drs. Mark & Michele Sherwood’s book, Surviving the Garden of Eatin’