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To start a day, a race, a journey, a new venture, or a business from far behind the pack is not only unwise but brings great stress. Doesn’t it feel better to be out front?

Let’s take this concept of starting correctly and apply it to our lifestyle. Many have touted the importance of eating a quality breakfast. I will affirm that. However, I will take it one step forward and tell you that breakfast does not always have to be in the morning.

Actually “breaking a fast” can occur anytime. Dr. Michele and I are proponents of short-term intermittent fasting. With that said, the first meal of the day is absolutely most important.

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How the “Standard American Breakfast” Affects Your Body

If you eat the standard American breakfast, which includes bagels, fruit, cereal or breakfast bars, you are setting yourself up to start the day behind. Additionally, these high-glycemic, sugar-laden, and anti-nutrition-filled foods (it is a stretch to even call them foods) are certain to elevate blood sugar, raise inflammatory markers, and set you up for a mid-morning energy crash.

Upon the mid-morning energy crash, resulting in hypoglycemic moments, your body will actually crave these types of sugary foods again to obtain a quick energy spike. And yes, the beat goes on.

The same energy spike and crash pattern continues throughout the day. We may even want a second, or third, cup of coffee to stem the energy crash. You’re probably thinking now, “that is how I routinely feel.” If this is you, and you have fallen prey to this pattern, I have the answer for you.

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Rather than starting your day from behind, feeling miserable, and lacking energy, how about beginning the day ahead? Doesn’t this sound better than chasing blood sugar and energy with sugar and caffeine throughout the day?

Surefire Tips to Starting Your Day Right

  1. Eat 25 to 30 grams of high-quality protein. This can come from pasture raised eggs (usually 4 to 5) or from 5 ounces of hormone free and organic meat, chicken, or turkey.
  2. If you are a coffee drinker, that is OK. Go ahead and use a tablespoon of full fat creamer, if you’re not dairy intolerant. If you are, you can add unsweetened nut or coconut milk. I like to add 1/2 teaspoon of medium chain triglycerides into my coffee. Occasionally, if time allows, a tablespoon or two of melted, full fat butter is perfect. Yes, this is our version of bulletproof coffee.
  3. Consume 1 to 2 cups of low glycemic fruit. Examples include berries, oranges and apples. Occasionally, I like to add a little bit of unsweetened almond butter to my apple slices. You will find this trick very useful as well for late night sweet treat.
  4. When time is strapped, eat a high quality protein shake. I know how things can get busy sometimes. Try using a high quality protein source in a shake form. Our preferences include PurePaleo beef protein, cool process non-denatured whey protein (Whey Cool) or non-GMO pea protein (PurePea). Usually about a scoop and a half of these proteins will do. These can be mixed quite easily into unsweetened almond, coconut, or cashew milk. Adding a few berries actually helps quite a bit too, along with a half an avocado or a tablespoon of unsweetened nut butter.

By employing these strategies, you are beginning your day far out front. Believe it or not, along with increasing energy, you will find yourself avoiding mid-morning and mid-afternoon crashes, making better food choices throughout the day, and experiencing better brain power.

You have to start out strong in order to have the opportunity to finish strong. Whether it be about food, life, or business, let’s all make an effort to start out daily on the right foot, and on the WELLNESS LIFE path.

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