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Dr. Michele and I absolutely refuse to put two things in our home or in our bodies: cereals and whole wheat (or whole grain) bread. Specifically regarding the cereals, let’s begin by analyzing the back label.

Breakfast Cereal

It is very common to see the first or second ingredient being sugar, corn syrup, or other artificial sweeteners. All of these, in these forms and amounts, are very inflammatory. This inflammation leads to sickness and disease.

Touted as health foods in many commercials, ads, or other health platforms, cereals are extremely damaging to the body. The claim of “whole grains included” is their selling card. Moreover, beginning the day with a high glycemic load will set the blood sugar on an elevated path causing bouts of fatigue and future battles with fat accumulation.

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Whole Wheat Bread

Now let’s examine the infamous whole wheat bread/grains. These are the ultimate cons and deceivers. The glycemic index of wheat bread is 69. This load causes extreme blood sugar elevations, which results in high insulin response. Just like cereals, this ultimately results in inflammation and fat accumulation.

Culturally we have a problem with both. The standard American diet is laden with the practice of eating cereals at breakfast and sandwiches for lunch. Both habits have had direct impact on the rise of obesity, type two diabetes, digestive issues, and heart conditions.

These will never be in our home, our family, and hopefully in any of our patients, colleagues, and friends. It is a common practice, through our wellness facility, to recommend the total elimination of sugars, grains, and breads.

Further, it is our experience, that when patients have done this (as proven by many patient testimonials) body composition has returned to normal, inflammation has reduced, and medication usage has nearly stopped.

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