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Kingdom Kandy Nutrtion Bars

Vitamins, nutrients and nutritional needs are not the same in every person. This is what makes finding a nutritional plan that works for each person can be quite difficult.

Have you ever noticed how diets have a high failure rate? This is another indicator that there is no one size fits all diet plan.

Our genes dictate the characteristics of each individual cell – the structures and purpose of the cell, the rate of cellular activity, the nutrients required by the cell for rebuilding and repairing, and successful completion of all metabolic activities. We know how diverse the genes and genetic system are, lending reason why there is no one size fits all diet type.

Kingdom Fuel - Drs. Mark & Michele Sherwood

Most of us on the planet have never taken the time to really listen to the needs of our bodies and we sure don’t pay attention to how food acts as fuel in our systems.

If nutrients are missing, the first sign is fatigue and lack of mental processing skills.

The nutrients obtained by the body from food, air, water and light provide the fuel for all the processes of metabolism. If the cells are supplied with all of the raw nutrients to make the genetic machinery run like a fine tuned engine, the stage is set for optimum energy production.

If micro or macronutrients are lacking according to the cellular machinery or genetic needs, the body begins to show signs of a system that is breaking down. The most simple sign may be fatigue or lack of mental processing skills. Memory starts to slow down and the most simple tasks become more difficult.

As we begin to understand our own unique metabolism we must understand the components that make up metabolism.

There are three major components to running a fine tuned engine and maximizing metabolism: the autonomic, oxidative and endocrine system. Each one has to function at its peak in order to run your body at its peak performance.

All three systems work together in the creation, maintenance and control of the body’s production of energy and processes of metabolism. If one system is stronger than another it is considered to be dominant.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to give your body what it needs.

As we get a little older it takes more wax to keep the paint on the car. Wax comes in the variety of rest and good nutrition as well as appropriate exercise.

There is meaning in the phrase “if I knew what I know today I would have taken better care of myself”.

What you waste or abuse can not be returned for any amount of bargaining or money. Be gentle with your system and learn to listen.

If you need help understanding of your own personal engine of metabolism, let us know. We will give you the tools needed to help your body run at its peak performance.