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The true answer to weight loss does not lie in a diet. It lies in discovering the spiritual root of the improper relationship with food.

You may say that really has nothing to do with it. But let me prove it to you.

Do you find comfort in food?

Does it make you feel good? Does it give you joy? If someone were to pull away your choices of food, would you get angry?

Kingdom Fuel - Drs. Mark & Michele Sherwood

If any of these answers is YES, you have an improper relationship with food. Let’s dig a bit deeper.

When one tries different diets, and subsequently fails, frustration builds greatly from an emotional level. This frustration forces one to look elsewhere for other options.

When, in turn, those options also fail, greater frustration ensues. This frustration leads a person to seek any and every remedy to fix what they deem a “weight issue.” This then forces what I like to call “information overload.”

The true answer to weight loss does not lie in a diet. Tweet Quote

Here’s where it gets interesting. During this process, not only are we suffering physically, emotionally, and intellectually, we are suffering decline in a spiritual place. That’s right, our spiritual person is suffering.

In reality, we’ve lost total control.

We have lost control of our food, our lives, our emotional health, and our mind. We also have lost control of our health.

This is now manifested by tremendous weight gain, blood pressure elevation, Hyperinsulinemia, hyperlipidemia, and depression. We have now transitioned into chronic illness.

This is coupled with chronic use of medications. Suffice it to say, all medications to have a form of toxicity. Therefore, we become more toxic as people, along with being more ill.

Our relationship with food becomes the only thing we have control over.

That bag of chips or cookies does not talk back to you, abuse you, tell you you’re fat, tell you you are living a life of self-destruction, abandon you, or take you for granted. The food will obey your every command. It will stand on his head for you if requested.

Your food, in this sense, has became your best friend. You will may even fall for the great lie that says, “God gave me this sickness and made me love this food!”

Isn’t it interesting when we reach this place, the food in which we choose to “friend” is very poor nature, high in sugar, and very distracting for our health.

A False Sense of Happiness

Friend, here is where the greatest deception occurs. The food does indeed promote elevation of serotonin and dopamine. So, the food is really giving you a form of happiness. However, it is a FALSE sense of happiness!

This form of happiness will lead you straight into the ground and destroy the quality of your life. Through the advances of medicine, indeed we are living longer as a people. Is the life quality? I think the high possibility is…no.

The Answer

The answer to this dilemma lies in developing first a healthy relationship with our Heavenly Father. One would be wise to consider his love for you upon creation. How, because of you, he made the world at your disposal.

One would also be smart to believe the possibility exists that you were created for a purpose. This purpose is a purpose that only YOU can deliver. Yes, you were created by God for Him to love you.

The relationship with Him is paramount. Any separation from this relationship with God will result in dysfunction and improper relationships with food, other people, and even drugs or alcohol.

The answer seems simple enough. But, in reality, the problem resides in each of us. Our unwillingness to submit to our Heavenly Father and His perfect love relationship is the core root of the problem. This is a problem of pride. This “problem root” springs up to yield a crop of evil that brings destruction to mankind.

Work on the root of the issue first.

Dr. Michele and I encourage each of you to work on the root of this issue. This work requires introspection, authenticity, and willingness to admit sin and mistakes in your life.

We love you enough to speak the truth into your life.

Do you have the courage to share this blog, or better yet, do you have the courage to go down this path on your own and be healed forever?