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Dr. Mark and I speak of the four-part person (physical, intellectual, emotional,and spiritual). The intellectual ties into the emotional and becomes an aspect that we call the mind. As the saying goes “As you think so it shall become.”

You become what you think.

If you are not careful, your mind can become a place where negativity and derogatory thoughts reside. It can make your mere existence a miserable experience.

Day after day, year after year, you become what you think. If 90% of the words that come out of your mouth have a negative tone to them, your life becomes that negativity.

Kingdom Fuel - Drs. Mark & Michele Sherwood

Infusing your mind with positive thoughts lends opportunity to produce more positive results in your life. If you want to find your way out of that stinking thinking, you must rewire your brain to think differently. You must begin to infuse your mind with positive thoughts at all times.

This does not mean that difficult situations will not arise. But, it does mean changing your response to tough situations.

How to Renew Your ‘Thinking’

Changing the process starts with evaluating your thoughts and how you speak. Every time you notice a negative thought, evaluate it and turn it around.

For example if you think “I am fat”, in turn change that to “I am a temporarily heavy person focused on health.” The change in the attitude may be more likely to get you to the gym and help you make better choices at the meal table.

Right now you’re getting as many opportunities in your professional and personal life as you think you can have. In other words you are limited by your thinking!

You’re making just the amount of money you really believe you can. Of course money does not grow on trees you have to work for it! To break into making what you’ve only dreamed of and wished for, you must start thinking, believing and speaking like you’re already worth your dream and vision!

Our thoughts become our reality.

You see, our thought life limits us to the very thoughts we think! Our thoughts become our reality. It can seem a difficult task if we have spent 40 to 50 years thinking in a certain way and acting upon our thoughts.

In our heart or hearts, we truly want to experience joy and be happy. But, if we have engrained our thought life to think in a derogatory negative manner, joy is often left untapped. This would then mean that life is not lived to its full potential.

Begin purposefully infusing your life with a positive perspective. This helps to keep you motivated and eliminate all negative sources out of your life. You may find that you are hanging out with the wrong people. You may find that you are up for a career change. You may find that you are under challenged. You may find a multitude of things that you can improve on.

Getting rid of those negative thoughts does take work. Every time you notice your self having a negative and repetitive thought, change direction. The direction can change in a moment. The outcome will bring joy! The life you have been given will not remain VOID – it will be worth the experience!