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There are places and times where a decision must be made. These are sometimes referred to as “forks in the road.” One such decision pertains to health.

I see numerous people who have experienced the reality of this impending decision with recently discovered internal conditions (such as metabolic syndrome, diabetes, atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, elevated cholesterol and triglycerides, etc.) or muscular skeletal conditions (such as back pain, shoulder impingement, knee degeneration, etc.).

At this point of post discovery, the options for total return to health are limited by rehabilitative/surgical procedures or slow nutritional adjustments. If you are at that point presently, allow me to encourage you to stay the course and forge ahead.

Kingdom Fuel - Drs. Mark & Michele Sherwood

If you are not at that point presently, allow me to strongly say, “Don’t get there!” To “not get there” simple means to take the road to wellness NOW. How do you know you are on the road?

Take 5 Steps Towards Wellness

  1. Dedicate at least 30 minutes to activity (exercise) at least 3 times weekly. This can be as simple as a walk or as complex as a cross-fit workout. Your body was designed to move. Do not let stagnation overtake you.
  2. View supplements as “supplements.” They are not designed to be the cure-all. Supplements are designed to replete what is lacking from nutrition. You cannot “supplement away” a bad diet. The general supplement protocol I recommend for everyone is as follows: quality protein powder, fish oil, and a multi-vitamin. There are variations and additions depending on the person.
  3. Do not eat carbohydrates (including alcohol) later than 7:00 p.m. This causes an unnecessary rise in blood sugar and insulin which inhibits your ability to utilize fat as fuel. You will also sleep better. There is a cascade of other problems with this action that are too numerous to mention here.
  4. Eat breakfast. This gets the body jump started. Make sure to include a good amount of protein. If you are not hungry, the probable reason is eating too late the previous evening.
  5. Realize your future hinges on your actions today. What you do today directly affects tomorrow. The conditions mentioned above did not develop suddenly. They evolved over years of violating the previous 4 concepts.

These are basic, I know. However, it pays to begin somewhere NOW. Do not wait until you forced to “reactively” make the decision to take the road to wellness! YOU owe it to yourself, family, and friends. Make the decision today!

BONUS: The 6th Step Toward Wellness

Realize your incredible value. The truth is, you are a unique individual and have an amazing purpose that only you can fulfill. It is time to prepare yourself to leave an amazing legacy!