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I have been a personal trainer for over 20 years. I am very much a research addict and try to learn from any and everything I can get my hands on. When I heard about the DNA test, I was fascinated to think there might actually be individualized results that were for ME personally.

Over 20 years, we have been told high carb, low carb, high fat, low fat, etc, etc. It seems to always be a guessing game. Not only have I tried everything out there personally, I also deal with trying to find what’s right for my clients to get the best results and meet their goals. I decided to do the DNA test….first, to see if it was something I believed in, and second would it be something I could recommend to my clients.

Obviously, I eat healthy and exercise extremely hard several days a week. But, I have always thought I was not able to do much cardio because I have a petite frame and have trouble building and keeping muscle. On the flip side, if I don’t eat extremely clean, I can also add scale weight and body fat very easily. My thought process prior to the DNA, was to eat clean enough to keep the scale weight where I wanted it and avoid cardio as to preserve muscle.

Kingdom Fuel - Drs. Mark & Michele Sherwood

The DNA results told me almost totally opposite of everything I had believed prior! My first response was….my DNA got switched!!! This can’t be right! My DNA said I need a much larger amount of the macronutrients than I would have ever expected plus I actually need high intensity exercise! I was so determined to lock in the food and exercise for an 8 week period if nothing else to prove it wrong.

What I found out was amazing! By truly following my individualized DNA results, I look and feel better than I ever have. I went into it thinking about body fat and muscle. My thought is, if I can’t look the part of a personal trainer and live it myself, how can I be of benefit to anyone else.

The results I got were very exciting! I lost body fat and gained muscle in the 8 weeks. Both the food and exercise became much easier and more efficient knowing what my body requires.

What I didn’t expect, was a total disappearance of stomach issues I had dealt with every day of my life! Obviously, this is a way of eating that is optimal for me. I also was diagnosed 20 years ago with a very high resting heart rate but was never told anything to do about it! I just know it is extremely high for as much as I exercise. After the first 8 weeks with these results, my resting heart rate has gone down almost 30 points. So, I am a believer for sure! This has changed so many areas of my life!

I love the test for the single fact it takes the guess work out. I have since recommended it to several of my clients and friends who I work with personally. It is amazing to me that everyone gets a completely different set of results, hence, “their own” DNA! I am a believer that if you follow the food and exercise your DNA says is optimal for you, the results will be remarkable!

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