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​In order to propel your health and wellness journey forward, you have to extinguish negativity from inhabiting your thought process.

Can you extinct stinking thinking from your life? Let’s look and see where it might be present and get our minds free from the negative thinking that can hold us back!


Does everything have to be perfect? Do you see the world as black or white? Is there any room for shades of gray?

Kingdom Fuel - Drs. Mark & Michele Sherwood

A healthy person has the ability to see the full spectrum of color and variations. If the rigidity of your thinking is at the high-end of perfectionism, perhaps you are missing out on a large portion of beauty in this life.

Perfectionism can lead to internal stress and tension. This can not only cause stinking thinking but land a multitude of physical maladies such as headaches from pressured thinking and high blood pressure from high tension.

Quick to Judge

Do you have a tendency to draw a quick conclusion when you have very little evidence? Do you judge the book by its cover? This can lead to overreacting and living with negative thought patterns about people places or things.

Instead of drawing such quick conclusions, it might bring health to your life to gather a great deal of evidence to support your ultimate decision.

Remember for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Take some time to draw your conclusions.

Concentrating on the Negative

Does your mind only hear criticism? Are you able to hear and acknowledge complements or words of affirmation and praise?

It’s always easy to respond to a complement with a negative. For example, someone gives you a complement on your hairdo. You respond with: but I didn’t do my hair. Instead just say “thank you!”

A healthy mind hears both good and bad and focuses on the positive. Sure, negative things happen to everyone. It does not mean that we have to except all circumstances as negative. Especially watch how you enforce complements and positivity by responding in a negative way.

Waking Up on the Wrong Side of the Bed

Do you often find yourself starting out the day less-than-excited? The attitude that you start your day with often resonates with you the entire time you are awake.

Your attitude not only affects you, but everyone you come in contact with.

Begin your day by checking in with your attitude. Do you have an attitude of gratitude? If you find it with any form of negativity turn your frown upside down and make it a smile. Seems overly simple, try it. Soon you’ll find that the way you step into your day becomes a powerful motivating tool for not only you, but everyone in your life.

Could Have, Would Have

Do you live in the should have, could have, would have world? That’s living your life in past tense. Your emotional bank account will eventually become bankrupt if you live it all in the past tense.

Move your life into present tense and say things such as I am, I will, I do. Empower yourself with your positive language.

Self Name Calling

Do you label your self with names such as dumb, fat, stupid? Take note of how many times you label yourself with words that are less than positive. Your mind will carry out the thought processes that you think about yourself and your body will begin to follow.

Begin each day by saying affirmations such as I am beautiful, I am smart, I am worthy, I am successful. Every time you catch yourself giving a negative label immediately turn it around and repeat it times 10.

Assuming Others Are Judging

Do you believe that others are thinking negative thoughts about you? First of all people have very little time to focus on thinking about those that are outside their immediate family. Second of all that can be a type of narcissistic thinking.

By easing off the pressure of worrying about what others are thinking will relieve your mind and heart from a negative emotional stressor. Strive every day to be the best you that you can be! Not the best you that you think others think you should be.

Repeating Negative Events

Do you magnify your negative emotional state of well-being by talking about it repetitively with others? Every time you repeat a story that involves a negative emotion it reinforces the experience that your body has from it.

By doing this over and over it may lead to depression and lack of self-worth. Catch yourself when you are talking with others, are you seeking for agreement about how bad a situation is? Or are you truly trying to find a resolution for the experience?

Self Blame Game

Do you play the self blame game? Do you continually blame yourself for events which you have no control or less control then you assume? This can lead to emotions of guilt and self judgment. In fact this may lead to unhealthy and addictive behaviors.

Evaluate where you are placing blame and whether or not it is appropriate. Refuse to take responsibility or blame for someone else’s free will choices. Don’t own what does not belong to you.

Know It All

If you have the know it all mindset, it leaves no space for anyone to be in your life. They have nothing to offer and nothing to give. You already know it all and they presume that you have it all. You find yourself alone in a world full of wonderful people.

Stop and evaluate and see if you can allow others to be who they are and experience the blessings that they can be in your life. It’s a win-win opportunity.

Your thoughts create your moods.

Thoughts can create emotions of anger, hostility, depression and negativity. Thoughts can also create the counter opposite, happiness, joy, positivity and love. In every moment of every day you have the opportunity to extinct stinking thinking!

With the awareness of the above 10 tips you now have 10 action steps to take to turn that frown upside down and put a smile on your face as you walk through this life. Don’t be a victim to stinking thinking!