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Kingdom Kandy Nutrtion Bars

When I visited Functional Medical Institute 7 months ago, I was very overweight, unhappy, sick and achy all the time. I was dealing with depression and anxiety. I wanted to feel good. I wanted to be the mom and wife that I needed to be.

Dr. Mark began meeting with me and educating me on a regular basis on what I needed to do to change my life. The DNA test was a big help! The meetings with Dr. Mark gave me the accountability that I needed. They helped me know what to do and how to get through one day at a time. It was hard at first, but then you train your body and learn what your body needs and doesn’t need so it gets easier each day.

Today, the energy I have is astounding! This is a part of me that I haven’t seen since high school. I don’t have panic attacks and anxiety issues anymore. I no longer have the aches and pains. I am involved in things that I couldn’t do before because I was too tired. Today, I’m the mom that I wanted to be 7 months ago. I feel great!

Kingdom Fuel - Drs. Mark & Michele Sherwood

I have lost nearly 20% body fat (nearly 50lbs of fat)!  I have also gained 4lbs in muscle.