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Many ask how Dr. Michele and I consistently stay motivated to continue in our drive for overall wellness. This question has prompted much introspective thought and reflection.

In this context, I am defining wellness as more than physical. I am speaking to overall wellness in the form of optimum life and vitality in all the arenas of humanity- physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual.

Although the answer may vary from person to person, there are 3 keys we both believe will help everyone stoke the fires of motivation.

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1. Define your WHY.

Determining the reason is super important. Do you want to be “well” for you, your family, or both? Do you feel any is a valid reason to do what it takes, even when your emotional desires do not align?

If the answer is YES, you have discovered your WHY.

There simply has to be an overlying reason to drive you. Hopefully, you take the view that your life is important (for both you and your family). To live it fully, you must be willing to avoid pitfalls, even thought they may seem temporarily fun, in order to achieve ultimate wellness.

What are these pitfalls? They may include poor nutrition, inactivity or lack of exercise, trying to do more while sacrificing sleep, or even overspending to keep up with the mythical Jones family. Your WHY must outweigh all distraction.

2. Do not be led by emotions.

Emotions are very real, normal, and ever changing. Though critical for life, we must not let them lead the way.

Emotions, if not controlled, can lead anyone to do things they normally wouldn’t do, say things they normally wouldn’t say, and become things they wish they had never become.

We must be led by purpose. That purpose must override emotion. When purpose is fully understood, even though emotions say, “no”, purpose says, “go”.

I realize emotions are strong, but I am telling you with all sincerity and confidence, purpose can be the strength to overcome. Trust your purpose, embrace your WHY. Over time and with practice, your emotions will align with your WHY.

3. Embrace a NEVER QUIT mentality.

Quitting is not and must never be an option. Quitting can become habitual and expected. I think you know what I mean.

A great example is in regard to diets. You know Dr. Michele and I detest the word, but the example given here will be very understandable.

Have you tried diets? Failed? Why didn’t it work? Did you quit?

Of course, diets don’t work because they are all temporary. There is normally a time we simply quit. This can be by design (a defined diet plan for a predesigned period of time) or perhaps the diet was too difficult. Either way, quitting is learned and practiced.

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There are other examples including pursuing a lifelong dream, completing a “bucket list”, or simply turning over a “new leaf” with a life philosophy or practice. Any way your slice it, quitting can become the expected outcome.

Listen friend, quitting MUST NOT be an option.

Will you fall down sometime by eating off plan or failing a test? Sure you will! But, always get back up! Never let a set back cause you to step back from your NEVER QUIT mentality. Develop this mentality with passion and that passion will become a great strength.

Let’s all understand what really drives motivation. These three pillars that construct the foundation of unbreakable motivation are easily adaptable and with clear engagement in each, you will be fully equipped to achieve your greatest dreams.

Now I am really motivated. How about you?