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Where was I?

“In bad shape physically and mentally.” A partial list: migraines, restless legs, fatigue, sleeplessness, aches from arthritis, sweats, stress and of course overweight. The list can go on and on. A lot of these problems caused my relationship with my husband to be stressful. I felt UGLY and FAT, and didn’t like myself! I tried different over counter the drugs to hopefully fix me! Nothing worked.

In August 2013 the decision to put my mom in a nursing home was put on me and sister. One of the hardest things ever! Went almost every day to see her, along with my sister. She passed away August 2014. I was always the one to take care of her and now that was gone. My world changed.

Yes I had more time to spend with my family but I was unhappy with life and myself. I was eating anything and everything just because it was there. Depression, tired all the time, migraines was taking over. I weighed 178.4 on April 8, 2015.

Kingdom Fuel - Drs. Mark & Michele Sherwood

Where am I?

“WOW” That’s an awesome question. Since coming to Dr. Mark (through my niece Katina) and starting the PRIME Lifestyle Program, it has been life changing. I had no idea the foods (poison) that was going into my body was causing so many of the problems. Inflammation….never entered my mind. I no longer have to deal with restless legs, migraines, sleeplessness, fatigue and the other problems that were destroying my body and life.

My relationship with my husband is growing daily. He has been a great support system (along with my family). He has lost 25 pounds by cutting out the white bread and potatoes and eating a lot of the foods cooked the way I can have them.

I never received compliments from him. Guess it wasn’t his thing. It was always the negative things. But now he is my biggest fan! Compliments aplenty! Talks to his coworkers about my weight loss and what has changed for me. That is awesome! And he’s proud of me!!!!! And I of him!!!

34 years and we are happy together!! God’s plan! God’s timing! I give him all the praise and glory!! I’m happy!!! I love myself!!!!

What changed?

“Everything.” I have my life back!! Weight 136.2 as of September 16,2015. No longer depressed or upset with myself. My family is proud of me and what I’ve accomplished. My life is enjoyable now. Praying with God, my hubby and Dr. Mark on my side this new life will continue to get better!!

Thank you Dr. Mark Sherwood for being so supportive and uplifting . Our visits make it so much easier to keep going.

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