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How does one get past the negative flaws they see about themselves? Here are a few simple tips.

Step 1: Learn to love yourself.

You have heard the phrase “Love the one you’re with”? Who are you with 24/7? You!

You have to stop and take a look in the mirror. Resolve the things you see and feel are flaws and begin to love them! Change what you can in a healthy way and accept and love the things you can’t!

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Step 2: Rely on prayer.

For the days where your mind is consumed by stinking thinking, you have to change that behavior quickly or it will lead down the wrong path! We become what we think.

If you are stuck on negativity, you won’t be able to flourish your talents and gifts. Begin to see the positive and give that your focus! Renew your mind ALL day!

Step 3: Clean up your nutrition.

Having a healthy self-image starts with feeling good – inside and out. Prioritize how you’re treating your body and nourish it with nutritional food. How you feel is directly influenced by the foundation of your nutrition!

If you physically feel bad, your body image is likely to be negative as well. Nutrition makes up 85% of our long term outcome when it comes to health and well being!

Step 4: Set up an exercise regimen.

Don’t worry about working out every single day. Get a schedule set. Start with 3 days a week!

Exercise improves muscle tone, brain function and influences how we feel about ourselves! Exercise even helps your body make its own pain relievers!

Step 5: Develop an attitude of gratitude.

Make it a habit to write down 3 things you appreciate about yourself, your life and your body each week! Focus on appreciating these things and the negatives won’t get so much attention! In fact, the negatives may just start to fall away!

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Put these simple steps in place on a regular basis and you will see your self-image start to transform.

Don’t let minor flaws stand in the way of your greatness!