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I am oftentimes characterized as “radical.” I would hesitate to use the word “radical” in describing me, but I would use the word “inquisitive.” In other words, I question the current while not forgetting the former. Let me translate that further by saying that I ask questions as to WHY things are not working and to WHY things are working.

In regard to our current state of health in our country, we are in a real mess. Obesity is on the rise to epidemic status, Type II Diabetes has become the norm, and hypertension is expected. Basically, we, as a society, have accepted sickness and disease as the norm. But, did anyone ever ask why?

  1. If healthcare today is so intelligent, how come cancer is not decreasing?
  2. If we are so great at healthcare, why is Type II Diabetes on the rise?
  3. Why do I get a pill each time I visit my doctor?
  4. Why are many who administrate healthcare themselves so sick?
  5. Why is the healthcare industry using so many drugs when all drugs are toxic?
  6. Why are we seeing the building of more hospitals, clinic, surgery centers, etc. without working to build fewer by making more people well?

These are just a few that we should be asking. It has been said that people in general die because of lack of knowledge. With that said, let me inject a few nuggets of knowledge.

Kingdom Fuel - Drs. Mark & Michele Sherwood

  1. Sugar is toxic. It is killing us. It feeds cancer.
  2. Type II Diabetes is man-made. We created it by over ingesting sugars and sugar-like substances.
  3. Processed food is inflammatory. Inflammation caused by processed food is a culprit of much illness.
  4. God did not make fast food.
  5. Refined grains and breads are high glycemic. They increase blood sugar and promote excess weight gain.
  6. Genetically modified foods are dangerous. We have tried to play God and better His design, which cannot be done.
  7. We have little thought to what we put in our mouths regarding total calorie consumption. We must begin to understand how much we should eat.
  8. We need to stop eating things that promote disease. God did not make twinkies, donuts, and cupcakes. Moderation (very rarely) is ok, but consumption should never be routine.

Perhaps we have been in a state of unconsciousness in this area. However, it is high time to awake and take careful inventory. NOW is the time to make a serious effort to change. One step at a time is all that is expected. Just be sure those steps taken are moving forward. Now that we have some knowledge, we have no excuse. Let’s begin those changes today and begin to OWN our health.