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It seems these days that there are so many issues surrounding weight and weight loss. If you don’t weigh a certain number of pounds, you may consider yourself overweight or even fat (I don’t like using that word, but let’s be real).

Further, if you view yourself as weighing too much, you may consider getting on some crazy weight loss plan. There are weight loss television shows, weight loss diets, weight loss drugs, weight loss doctors, weight loss witchcraft (well, maybe not that one). Folks, it is everywhere.

What really saddens me is that weight issues seem to be a major source of depression and discouragement. In my day to day life, I have people tell me they are so discouraged about their weight that they don’t even try at all. They are totally defeated in their attitude. This SHOULD NOT BE.

Kingdom Fuel - Drs. Mark & Michele Sherwood

Stop using the scale as a sole motivator.

5 pounds of muscle is approximately 1/3 smaller in actual size than 5 pounds of fat. What that means is that “weight” is a relative term compared to actual size. I am encouraging people all over the world to STOP using the scales as the sole motivator. It is literally causing people to lose weight at the sake of losing valuable lean muscle tissue.

Did you know that lean muscle tissue naturally declines as you age?

Did you know that lean muscle tissue actually assists in increasing metabolism?

Here is what you and I and EVERY single person across this world should seek: A positive change in body composition. This is described as increasing lean muscle tissue and decreasing fat.

The way to get this accomplished is simple. Engaging in a sensible exercise plan (resistance and cardiovascular training) while being reasonable with your nutritional intake is the key. However, excuses seem to reign (time, job, family, church, motivation, location, knowledge, etc.). I have heard ALL types of excuses.

You have control over your own life.

Unless you are faced with a very unusual circumstance, you have control over your own life. Yes, YOU!! You have the power to change things. It is time to see YOU in a different way.

Let me encourage you with this: You are unique and special. You are not designed for defeat and failure. You are not made to be depressed and down. You can achieve what you can believe.

Scales no longer need to be your motivator. YOU need to be the motivator. Be encouraged and driven from the inside. Commit to change your body composition so that the quality of your life (internal AND external) will improve.

I believe in YOU!!