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Kingdom Kandy Nutrtion Bars

I’ve struggled for a long time with emotional eating and poor body image. And the more weight I put on, the worse those became.

So, I was in a pretty low state.

I never felt like an example. Being in the health field and teaching young people about health careers, I felt a little bit like I was not practicing what I was preaching. They are being trained to help take care of people but my example was not taking care of myself.

Kingdom Fuel - Drs. Mark & Michele Sherwood

A few months before I came here for the first time, I had made some good progress and had turned a corner and things were looking up.

But this was the part that was missing. I was missing the way to get there. I was starting to feel like the possibilities were there on the inside but I didn’t know how to get there.

Coming here gave me the tools that I needed to make the outside fit what the inside was becoming.

I feel so much better. I don’t think I could put into words exactly how much better I feel. Anything from reaching down to tie my shoes to walking from my car into school in the mornings, those things are so much easier.

Even here at my age, I am finally starting to find that feeling that I am getting to where I’m supposed to be. I am getting to where my body was meant to be.

And, for anybody who might be where I was before I started this, I think the hope is there. It’s just you have to make that decision that the time is now and grab on to that hope and run with it.