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Thanksgiving 2016 we had family pictures taken. Up until that moment I knew I was overweight and had issues, but you know, hey everybody has issues. Everybody’s got high blood pressure when you’re overweight.

But when we took our family photos, I looked at myself and then I looked at my wife and I was like, how did you let me get this bad? I mean I was round. I was 285 pounds, 34 years old, and had been on blood pressure medicine for 10 years.

I went and saw Doctor Mark, at the beginning of the year. I made my New Years resolution, and I know everybody jokes “New Years resolution I wanna to loose weight.” Well, it was my New Years resolution to loose weight.

The first day we got done we got home from visiting Dr. Mark, we started going through the cabinet. Cookies, macaroni and cheese, pasta.

I kept telling my wife, I was like “I don’t wanna throw this stuff away because after I loose the weight I can go back.” Well, she made me realize real quickly that I wasn’t going back.

It was about a two week adjustment period before it really kicked in that wow, this is change. A month in I had lost 20 pounds. Two months in I lost 40. Three months in I was about 50 pounds down.

I went to my annual doctors appointment with my normal doctor, and my blood pressure was normal. He still didn’t want to take me off the blood pressure medication.

So, I went and saw Doctor Michele. As a result, I got off the blood pressure medicine and I’m now 60 pounds lighter than I have ever been. And it’s all because of Drs. Mark and Michele.