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Thanksgiving 2016 we had family pictures taken. Up until that moment I knew I was overweight and had issues, but you know, hey everybody has issues. Everybody’s got high blood pressure when you’re overweight.

But when we took our family photos, I looked at myself and then I looked at my wife and I was like, how did you let me get this bad? I mean I was round. I was 285 pounds, 34 years old, and had been on blood pressure medicine for 10 years.

I went and saw Doctor Mark, at the beginning of the year. I made my New Years resolution, and I know everybody jokes “New Years resolution I wanna to loose weight.” Well, it was my New Years resolution to loose weight.

Kingdom Fuel - Drs. Mark & Michele Sherwood

The first day we got done we got home from visiting Dr. Mark, we started going through the cabinet. Cookies, macaroni and cheese, pasta.

I kept telling my wife, I was like “I don’t wanna throw this stuff away because after I loose the weight I can go back.” Well, she made me realize real quickly that I wasn’t going back.

It was about a two week adjustment period before it really kicked in that wow, this is change. A month in I had lost 20 pounds. Two months in I lost 40. Three months in I was about 50 pounds down.

I went to my annual doctors appointment with my normal doctor, and my blood pressure was normal. He still didn’t want to take me off the blood pressure medication.

So, I went and saw Doctor Michele. As a result, I got off the blood pressure medicine and I’m now 60 pounds lighter than I have ever been. And it’s all because of Drs. Mark and Michele.