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Wow, how times have changed!

If you are like me and have some years under your belt, you have seen times change in regard to ‘giving your word.’ Your word used to be your BOND.

Now it appears there is quite a divergence from that particular standard of ethics.

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Today, I am fascinated by the word-smithing regarding what a person actually ‘meant’ by the words spoken. Too complicate matters, many meanings are hid behind the veil of social media.

There are tweets, blogs, vlogs, excerpts and the like which all may include (or not include) the real meanings from the heart of the authors.

To add another facet of confusion, who is actually behind the computer, iPhone, or iPad anyway?

In my practice (and ministry), I relentlessly pursue the idea of making a statement and sticking with it. “If you start something, finish it….If you give your word, follow it….Don’t lie to me or yourself by telling me something that you have little intention of implementing” are common and often repeated admonitions.

In my insistence of living by these standards, I am all too aware of imperfections (in my life for sure). I am also well aware that we exist in a society where there are repeated (and often expected) practices to get ‘out of’ your word.

Since when does your word not mean something?

When did that change? Why should you always need a contract for literally every deal?

The answer to these questions lies in two words: commitment and discipline. Our commitment has waned as a society as well as our habit of discipline. We have grown to ‘expect’ and ‘deserve’ something rather than earn it.

You and I must be commitment to our total health (physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually). No one area is more important.

They all are interdependent and much like a four-legged chair on which we can rest all our weight (and wait). If we remove one leg, we will fall.

If one leg is weak, we will eventually crash.

Within the commitment, discipline must reside. Discipline must be driven by two things: the reality that falling to the floor if one of the aforementioned chair legs break AND the reality that resting on a solid four legs promotes confidence, completion, and foundation.

How do we obtain commitment and discipline?

  1. Surround yourself with people who live by these principles. The challenge through accountability will be encouraging and empowering.
  2. Weigh your words before you speak. It only takes a moment to pause and ask yourself, “Do I really mean to do or say what I am getting ready to say?”
  3. Fill your mind with positivity and inspiration. One sure way of doing this is to connect with us on our free newsletter. Its design and purpose is empowerment, inspiration, and education.

Regain the ability to give your WORD and mean it. Better said, regain your purpose of giving your word and living it.