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Has someone ever told you to “go take a walk and cool off”?

Hopefully you experienced the benefits of listening to that advice. It is very helpful to understand why these benefits appear.

When our emotions are heightened by anxiety, frustration, anger, or fear, it seems as if our minds go on ‘lock-down mode’ where we can’t think and process information as easily as we can when we are calm.

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Realize this is normal as our body/mind has transitioned to the ‘fight or flight’ mode. Your primal design is forcing you to decide whether to run for your life or to fight for your life.

These are bodily reactions that are natural and reasonable.  However, to live in this state constantly would no doubt have catastrophic physical and mental health effects. It would literally push our sanity meter to the max.

The sure-fire way to combat fear, frustration and anxiety is exercise.

When you do take that walk to ‘cool off,’ chemicals are produced in your brain that will metabolize the chemicals that were produced to cause the ‘fight or flight mentality.’ Therefore, there is a calming of your emotions, a decrease of your intensity, an unclogging of your mind, and a return to a sense of sanity.

In today’s world, economic uncertainty and unpredictability is the norm. With this sort of norm, it is no wonder some people have become stressed to the max to feel as if sanity is a long-past state of mind.

This is why exercise MUST become a part of everyone’s lifestyle.

It is NOT an option anymore. IT IS A MATTER OF SANITY.