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Several years ago, I was gripped as I listened to a song entitle “The Anchor.” Without going into the details of the song, there was a particular line that struck me…

“The anchor holds in the eye of the storm…”

This represents the difficulties of life and the sometimes unpredictable struggles life can bring. When I think of the anchor ‘holding’, I find a beautiful application for how our lives can be molded to become more solid in nature.

Kingdom Fuel - Drs. Mark & Michele Sherwood

An anchor holds several purposes.

It represents security, consistency, and solidness. The anchor represents safety as it can be dropped from the ship to test the depth, hold firm, and/or prevent the ship from moving amidst a storm.

The anchor is consistent. It is made of hard steel or iron and reliable in that we believe it will do what it is supposed to do. Over time, it has proven itself.

The anchor further represents solidness. It is not going anywhere unless there is a purpose to move. It will not break, bend, or lose grip once secured.

We all, I am sure, would want our own life to embody the characteristics of the anchor. So how do we do that?

#1 Become a safe place for yourself and others.

Listen, love, laugh, and show gratitude. Do not betray confidence or become a gossip.

Safety means you can trust yourself and others can trust you. The best place to begin in this area is through a solid relationship with God since He is the very epitome of safety (actually in the song I referenced, the anchor is God).

Others will be literally drawn to your presence because of the safety you represent.

#2 Become consistent.

Do the little things habitually correct. Return calls, messages, and keep your word. Do not over-extend or say things you do not mean.

Be a ‘follow through’ person. Maintain your health – physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. This requires diligence by dedicating time daily to your improvement in each these areas.

Becoming consistent will pay off. People will see your reliability and your trustworthiness will be enhanced.

#3 Become a well-rounded person.

Learn how to get along in a crowd but be comfortable alone. Practice social dignity and grace while being purposeful in all your actions and words.

Do not move too fast or become too slow. Calmness under pressure is a key. As the storms of life effect you, you will not be moved.

To become an ANCHOR is to become a representative of safety, consistency, and solidity. We must understand, that becoming an anchor requires much work, effort, and resilience over time. It will not happen overnight.

Is this you? Are you an anchor?

I want you to have the ability to hold fast and firm when the storms come. If you are not practicing the above in regard to your own personal ‘anchor’ development, it is time to start today.

You, yourself, need the anchor along with your family, friends, and acquaintances. Do not become ‘dead weight’ by your own inactions.

Let’s become the ANCHORS we were meant to be.